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How to allocate more ram to Attack of the B-Team server

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I wanted to host a server and chaged my ram in the .bat file to -Xmx3584 and -Xms2048 when i started the minecraft server and  a freind joined the control panel said Memory Use: 239 mb(1% free) but why cant it use more ram when i gave it more? 

pls quick answers i want to play with my friends :D

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There'll be some other setting somewhere that limits it, probably in your windows system environment variables.


For future reference, this kind of issue belongs on the issue tracker - any technical stuff like this which has to do with the game running properly rather than actually playing the game belongs there.  There's links in my sig to make it easier to find out how to get the stuff to post there, but this answer should sort you out.


Good luck, and have fun!

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