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Applied Energistics ME Networks

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Hello everyone. I have been wanting to get into the Applied Energistics Mod a bit more. I already know the VERY basics, such as ME Drives and mass storage and all the such, but I have yet to start using the ME Cables to create networks and fully automated smelting systems (not just Buildcraft pipes, WAY too much tweaking involved) so if anyone could give me a tutorial or a YouTube link (seems like I just cant find what im looking for) then I would be very grateful. Thanks!

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  • Import Buses pull items from inventories (chests/machines)
  • Export Buses drop items into inventories
  • Storage Buses connect inventories to your network (try connecting Deep Storage Units)
  • All ME entities need to be connected to one network via ME Cable
  • Dark Cable can be used to power down parts of your network to conserve energy, needs a redstone signal
  • All ME network components will draw some power when active, so supply enough to the ME Controller
  • Use ME Drives once you have more than a few Storage Cards
  • There are sensors available that will output a redstone signal when a certain item threshold is reached in the network (forgot the name); use these to fine-tune your item production
  • Molecular Assemblers are complex multiblock structures that add on-demand autocrafting to your network
  • When all is running fine, look into Extra Cells to add Liquid Storage
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