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Can't adjust mob spawn rates?


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Hi guys, this is my first post on the technic forum. I'm having serious problems tweeking a modpack to make it more playable. I downloaded dungeon hunter, which has a fairly good collection of mods. But as soon as it turns to night the game becomes unplayable, with overpowered mobs spawning at upsurd rates. Anyways I know that the spawn rates can be adjusted, but ingame theres no global modsettings. How can I solve this problem? Is there a tool that would allow me to adjust the mod settings without going into hundreds of .txt files?


Thanks, Malio

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unless you have some sort of additional mod that is meant to control spawn rates, you're looking at editing config files.  that is assuming that the spawn rates of the mod are even configurable in the first place.


additionally, have a look at the global rules linked in my sig.

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