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Liquid transfer node - max upgrade.


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yeah, but the liquid transfer node can pull water directly from the water source.

This need to be explained a bit further then.

How come a single transfer node can access 8 watersource in the same time ? Because one transfert node is, even if submerged in water, touching only 5 faces of a cube right ?

I never used transfer nodes so maybe I'm not really understanding the mecanic though... 

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Transfer nodes are a bit special, they kinda break the common rules in MC. You can make a cobblestone generator with it that gives you a stack per tick and it requires no power, just upgrades, and it also doesn't even mine out the cobble it just generates them. Water works the same, it doesn't actually 'scoop' up the water but rather generates it in itself much like the aqueous accumelator or however you spell that damn thing. They are also able to transfer more than 10000RF/t but at the drawback at it is send in packets rather than a continuous stream like conduits. So if your machine has a buffer then the transfer pipes are great (pro tip: put a energy cell in between to make your own buffer )

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