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Item router bug


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Hey thar people who are better than me at this game! I've noticed some weirdness when attempting to use multiple item routers from 1 quarry,


I have a big long transport pipe from the quarry running back to my base where I have a long chest room with item routers along the cobblestone transport pipe. the idea being that stuff from the quarry will land nicely organised in the correctly labelled chest.


Except my item routers don't seem to want to obey the rules, putting say cobblestone in red seems to guarantee that cobblestone will go in every other direction apart from the one specified. There doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason to this as sticking cobblestone in all outputs but red leads to cobblestone rejecting and going backwards down the pipe!


My build is on a local multi-player server, I ran a test on creative in single-player to see if I could replicate the results and exactly the same thing happens.


Any ideas or alternatives? my head is screwed up trying to work this out.



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Just to rule this out... you made sure you were not using the input side's colour, right? Of the six colours, only five will ever be usable as outputs, because one necessarily becomes the input side. You might also want to double-check if you were really placing cobblestone there. I once mistakenly used gravel and wondered what the problem was.


If it is persistent and reproducible, you can take it as a bug to our issue tracker, following the template.


As for optimizing your setup, you could opt to use Itemducts with Pneumatic Servos installed in the pipe heads, which will enable sorting functionality without an Item Router. So you could just lead the Item pipe past your storage and configure for each contact point what should leave the pipe there. Item Routers should of course do the job, but they are more popular with Conveyor Belts. Itemducts are the basic transport pipes right now.

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Put a buffer chest (regular vanilla chest could be enough) on top of the quarry and connect impulse itemducts for the speed and use the servos in the outputs as Curunir said.

As for the 'long transport pipe from the quarry' you can use two ender chests with the same colouring (if you can afford it) - one on the quarry and the other at the base (chunk loading must be checked here).


Edit: Post a screenshot and we'll tell you what you're doing wrong.

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