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Pipe/Machine Glitching?

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So me and I friend recently made a really good factory on my server. Everything was running very smoothly, but upon while making the factory, we noticed that most of the Automatic Crafting Table MKIIs weren't working properly and weren't dispensing out items in the pipe like they should, but we saw that their would be items blurting out in one big wave rather than one item a second, and most of the times it would just never dispense out anything. When my friend had to leave, I tried figuring out the problem myself. I soon come to find out that the ACT MKIIs were glitched. Coal Dust was supposed to craft into the thingy that's used to make the Carbon Plates. Their was plenty of power, the Table was setup right, but it was just sitting their. Whenever I remove the Coal Dust and put it back, the ACT MKII wakes up and does it's thing, but when its out of materials, it just falls right back to sleep and never comes on until I manually mess with it which is extremely annoying since I have to check on it every 5 minutes. Is their a way to re-solve this? Help would be much appreciated. :)



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