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[2.0.4] OhGaming's Voltz Conflict: [Open 24/7][All Dupes & Issues patched][Earn Money from Raids][Towny][Strong Economy][Player Shops]


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Server Name: Voltz Conflict

Server IP: s3.ohgaming.org:25570

Voltz Version: 2.0.4

Website: http://ohgaming.org



What makes our Voltz different?

  • We're patched! Our server doesn't have any dupe bugs!
  • We use Towny. A far superior system to factions.
  • We provide player shops in spawn. These are protected from grief.
  • Raiders can make money selling excess loot they've acquired.
  • Got raided? With a little IGM you can buy yourself some base starter items.

Basic Rules

  • No Advertising
  • No Spamming
  • No Exploiting
  • No Hacks... duh!
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