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Small community B-Team survival Server!!


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Hey guys I'm looking for some skilled, friendly b-team players who know the modpack well to join a small community survival server.




Mic(yes or no)

Why do you want to join?

If accepted you will receive Skype message with ip and you will be whitelisted.


P.S. This is same server as the one Legolivey posted about.

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This doesn't go here.

You want the server section where everybody else posts the server information.


And seeing as legolivey already managed to post in the server section, this topic is entirely superfluous. 

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You cannot be serious.


Legolivey, as in one of the first people to reply to hulsedoesmc?  That server?


hulsedoesmc, as in the guy who got temp-banned for continuing to post these threads here in spite of being told not to?  The guy who got permabanned for circumventing the ban with a new account just to post this again, like you're doing right now?


I don't believe that you are the same guy (the timing is suspicious but you did post in the other threads), but you were in the other threads, it's doesn't seem likely you're unaware that this forum is not the forum to keep spamming your server.  I'm guessing hulse put you guys up to this and Legolivey refused to post here, not wanting to get banned, or you're doing this of your own volition because somehow you think it's helping.  You're lucky I'm not a moderator, if I was I'd be sorely tempted to remove all the references to this server because of the members tendency to keep spamming it.


I am interested as to what made you post this, if you wouldn't mind telling me that I'd like to know.

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  • Moderators

next one who posts here about joining this guys server, gets slapped in the wrist for being dumb.

You've been warned...


oh and don't bother waiting for a reply from Magic, he's been banned for 3 days

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Yeah. I don't know of too many people who would go out of their way to ban evade just to advertise their server in the wrong section on a forum with active moderators...I'm sure hulse even told him and everyone else on the server that he got banned and wanted someone else to post on his behalf. Oh well.

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