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Tekkit 3.0


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We were all noobs once, remeber that.

Being a noob and being someone who's trying to make themselves out as clever and intelligent while looking like an idiot are two different things.

Also, saying that "Everyone was a noob once!" may feel nice, but really it's a horrible excuse. And only true in varying degrees.

As a global mod i don't think that you shouldn't be calling people names for the fact that you are giving the staff of the forums poor rep. If you are rude to them they wont come back, they don't come back <snip>

If their post is bad enough for us to call them morons, there are three possible outcomes:

1. They learn from their mistakes, improve, and become a successful member of the community;

2. They leave forever;

3. They continue to act like an imbecile and get probated/banned.

Any of the three will work.

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Or even quicker' date=' just have a cut and paste responce to put into a reply saying the topic is covered elsewhere, please use the search button.[/quote']

Here, I'll copy/paste for you guys:

Consider over 500 people register a day. 10% of them immediately post and then log off without reading stickies. That's 50 people we don't have time to parent.

The best questions are those that are posed by people who have done more than 2 minutes of googling and post their problem in a near-exact manner (showing they researched enough to know what it is) and, much more importantly, show us what they've tried thus far (hence, they are already driven inside, just need a little guidance). We're trying to build this community such that it is best geared toward people that attempt to solve their own problem first and can then either ask intelligent questions or post their intelligent solution to share.

If people have issues with how the ship is run around here, tough luck, go back to those forums that have time to nurture your soul and comfort you.

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Ahh forum elitism. Gives me a warm fuzzy glow.

We were all noobs once, remeber that.

Why doesn't someone just post a link to original topic, a gentle hint to use the search button and a warning to repeat offenders, then close the thread.

Or even quicker, just have a cut and paste response to put into a reply saying the topic is covered elsewhere, please use the search button.

No need for calling people morons, everyone is happy, and probably takes a lot less time than bitching about how stupid people are, considering your all so pressed for time.

The reason we do not help these people is that rewarding bad behaviour encourages repeated bad behaviour. The stick is more effective than the carrot in situations where anonymity is a factor.

If every time somebody said "TMI DOESNT WORK" they got the answer handed to them on a platter, they would also come in and say "CANT FIND JAVA PATH WAT DO?" and "WHEN IS TEKKIT 3 OUT?".

In short, we have a general rule here: You learn, or you get bent.

EDIT: Modle Triple Attack, 100% Crit rate enabled.

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