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Welcome Everyone If you want to Join than Post below and ill send you a pm with details thanks

survival its a fun based game of survival and we allget along together

plugins not sure what ones we useing but some good ones like tpa and lots others

lots oher cool stuff


We are a small server but its 30 slots and want to get all 30 in and alot of people thanks


he started this on the 18th and he has got 6 members atleast


We all use a nce Not bad words and hope to keep it like that thanks


It's a 24/7 server


Note im not owner just sharing..



Nice people too thanks


Got permission to share..

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The title's format is wrong, it should look like this: [1.0.10]DinkleCraft[PvE][30slots][No Whitelist] Nothing banned!


Your server description talks more about the nameless players than the actual server.

No list of major plugins("Tpa" isn't a mod), server rules, details defining the server and why players should join it, etc.

There isn't even an IP here, and you didn't mention if it's whitelisted or not considering that we need to recieve a  PM to get the IP.


there are more rules and guidelines at '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> since i didnt mention all of them, just the ones that are most important :)

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