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Painterly Compatability (work in progress)

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To cut a long story short, I'm working on retexturing almost every tekkit surface and graphic I can using the painterly pack textures. I've already done some work, I just need a bit of feedback from the people here before I go ahead with more. I've started with EE, but I'm going to do some work on the buildcraft stuff.

Here's some pictures




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You know, I was just thinking about this today... BD is nice, but not quite the flavor I want for my Tekkit, you know? If you want some help, I'd be thrilled to lend a hand. Mostly I plan on copying the Painterly stuff and extending it to the machines, same as you've been doing for EE.

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I'd love to help also if this is still going ahead? I'd be terrible at GUI but the blocks and Items I'd be happy to have a go at

Dear fellow technician, please, let dead threads like this one rest in peace. The dead doesn't like being annoyed in their rest.

In other words, the OP hasn't responded to any of the last posts, and the most recent is a month old. You've just necro'd.

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