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How can I make a modpack run quicker?


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There may be some java flags that can be set to improve certain performances, but it would be on a case by case basis and isnt something you could just throw into a modpack as default settings and expect it to work 100% of the time for everyone.

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Which mods are in the pack, and how powerful is your computer? That can have a lot to do with things...


Personally, with a modpack a bit big for 1 GB of RAM allocated, I've seen a large performance boost launching Minecraft with the -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC JVM flag. This will only work if you are stuck with 32-bit Java or don't have quite enough RAM for the pack.


Mods that, in the past, I've noticed are hard on performance are ProjectRed and LogisticPipes - I've dropped both from a 1.6 pack because they were too expensive. On 1.6 Mariculture slowed down wgen beyond the point of usability, I found.


You might be able to add Optifine or FPS++ to improve performance, but Optifine has compatibility issues with more than a few mods.

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