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How to expand me interface pattern storage


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I'm in the middle of building an auto-crafting me network. All is going well, but I can see my ME interface(s) easily filling up with patterns. Is there any way to increase their storage, or do I have to make another furnace, with another interface, export and import buses?

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I've never heard of the number of slots in a ME Interface being expandable - at least within Tekkit.


Typically, by the time you're at the phase of the game that you're building an ME auto-crafting network you should have more than enough material/supplies to build more ME Interfaces other furnaces export and import busses.  You can actually have your ME auto-crafting network build them for you!  This can be a problem if you are attempting this in early game but big ME controlled "factories" is kinda where Tekkit is at.


You're world doesn't have to be this way, but when I put in a big order I've arranged my ME Network to have 4 or more setups crafting the same item to speed up a given process.  Also consider that you can have multiple recipies being crafted by your ME Network at the same time, but if they are both vying for the same single furnace then one of the projects is going to have to wait until the other completes its run.

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An me interface can only have the one row of recipies in it.  there is no way to increase the number of recipes an interface can hold, at this time.


Building several me interfaces and furnaces has more then one benefit as stated.  Spreading out your most commonly used recipes between the different furnaces allows them to be processed at the same time, speeding up the rate at which your system can auto process those requests.  Even just having the recipes ballanced between two or three furnaces can make a very big difference.  And when using the powered furnaces, like the TE redstone furnace, they will only use power when they need to, meaning your power demand will not go up just because you added another furnace.


There is another option if you wish to stay ultra compact.  You can place an interface on more then one side of a redstone furnace, you can set the furnace to accept items from any of the interfaces, meaning you'd only need to add another interface too your furnace, when the other one(s) run out of room for more recipes.  This will be slower then using more furnaces but take up a bit less space.

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