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nervous for xray tekkit

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Orebfuscator changes packet data so xrayers see a world full of ores - but normal people don't.

It does make the server troll players now and then though, as it looks like there's ore behind wires when there's not.


The one time I ran a server open to the public, we found that to be the best way of blocking people using xray. May not have been the same mod but the same concept, turning on xray means everything looks like valuable ore.

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There is this one plugin I found a while back that made ores appear as stone until players could actually see the ores themselves (as in facing the block without any other non-transparent blocks in the way) which would eliminate the xrayers. I think there might have also been a config that let you give certain block id's this property, so it would be compatible with Tekkit if you could be bothered to add all the blocks, I can't remember the name of it, I'll look it up after school tomorrow!

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No OrebFuscator can not block the xray because the xray zombe mod held detectors with coloured crosses

(red: redstone, cyan:diamond ect...)

Those colored crosses will just point to the fake ores, and using Engine Mode 2, the whole world underground becomes fake ores.

Because Orebfuscator changes the data before sending it to the client, no mod can see past it without also being installed on the server.

The only other way is the user gets bypass permissions in Orebfuscator using the Permissions system.

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