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Need Help With Plugins On My Server!!

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Ok so i have just created a server on my home computer but i am completely stumped on how to add plugins set permissions and stuff like this. If anyone is willing to help me out i will be sure to give them a gift at the end of it with admin status on server when it is full up and running.

If you have knowledge on how to use command book that would be great.

If you can help me or know someone who can help me it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


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You should start from bukkit and later move to Tekkit.

You need to learn yourself how to manage plugins, configure and use permissions.

Start from here http://forums.bukkit.org/

Take CommandBook for example. http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/commandbook/ Read Commandbook Wiki http://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/CommandBook

Then move to Permissions. Learn how to make groups and give permissions to players. http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admn-dev-permissionsbukkit-v1-6-official-default-groups-plugin-1-1-r5.26785/

General stuff like installing craftbukkit or plugins you can look up from here: http://wiki.bukkit.org/Installing_Plugins

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