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AlcBags Help please

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Okay i am a tekkit classic server owner and i have came to a issue. I have a server and it has just been a Survival/pvp/raid server, But we have got allot of players saying they prefer no pvp/raid so we decided to make a separate world to, but the Alcbags and enderchest data carry over so now they share items in both worlds and that is kinda of cheating. SI their any way to stop that from happening?? please help!

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as far as I know, everything will carry over to another dimension if the mod is made to work over multiple dimensions, this includes endertanks, enderchest (even the vanilla one), tesseracts and the AE quantum gate...

Players could also carry over Items manually by teleporting through the dimensions using DDors or mystcraft linking books...


So if you want to seal the players to differnet worlds (PvP/PvE) the most secure way would be to setup a second instance of the server under a different Port ;)

ofc there are some downways this way e.g. they also have different chats...

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