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Tekkit error Item ID in use

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Hey there i have had this server running for a week but today it crashed whit this message

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 179 is already occupied by ee.BlockEEDevice@3d3c40c when adding buildcraft.zeldo.ChunkLoader.BlockChunkLoader@43ebf1ca

I tried another item id but i did not work please help ?

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On the server we changed it to 166 and still got the same error on the server.

I am sure its not a client problem

I'm having the hardest time believing that ee.BlockEEDevice@3d3c40c when adding buildcraft.zeldo.ChunkLoader.BlockChunkLoader@43ebf1ca is the exact error, as I didn't know that ChunkLoader took up two block ID's completely separate from each other. But alas if you did get that EXACT error then you didn't modify the id correctly.

But even more flabbergastingly odd is that I provided you with not only a link to the bug forum but that you choose to ignore ONLY that part of my post. Post it there your way more likely to get help.

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Did you manually change the block ID to begin with as it shouldnt be changed. Installing a fresh Tekkit should fix it, because if you do change the block ids, each client would have to do the same im pretty sure

This guy knows what's up. There is no logical reason why the block IDs would suddenly change, so what did you do to it. Even if you did find a working ID for whatever you fucked up, you would need every client to change that id to the same thing, so your best bet is to just redownload the server and copy your world over.

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