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So, I was helping my friend get started with Dwarf Fortress, and he asked how to get a good map. I directed him with a link to the DF wiki (With Let me google that for you.) he replies "This wiki sucks, it doesn't help!" (A Hellen Keller sentence indeed.) And then called me a dumbass (using a picture from Machinima, he seems to use it whenever possible...) I then use the search bar in the wiki to get a starting guide I know is on there. I find it in about 10 seconds flat, and give him the link. I tell him "The search bar is your friend" (Sounding strangely familiar...) he replies "Bah." and doesn't even open the link, but instead looks for maps to download. My god, he's a stubborn Hellen Keller.

I felt like posting this because, it strongly reminded me of the Technic Forums.

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I agree. I've just explained what DF means by "Generating History". After that he stopped complaining about the speed of which it generates. And it seems he would rather ask me stuff than use the wiki, with the reason of "It's more fun to annoy you." Seems hes gonna have to do stuff on his own now :3

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If the wiki can't help him, there's not much point in him playing Dwarf Fortress, it'll eat him alive and shit out his bones.

Oh my god, the amount of truth in that statement is toxic. Hell, I still get devoured from time to time and I've been playing it for all of recent history.

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Getting devoured has always been "Fun" for me.

On a side note, I love clicking "Random page" on the wiki, you never know what you will find there. It found me this page: http://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/On_the_origins_of_dwarves

Is it strange that I read "great beasts" as "great breasts"?

My biggest mistake in the game still is haunting me. I'm still having trouble shaking the habit. I haven't trained myself to see Fortress Value as a sort of difficulty setting, and forget to militarize by the time I've begun to attract all sorts of nasty things to my stockpile full of useless crap which I was going to sell.

I overestimate my military when I see them tear apart the those... (I can't think of anything to say about the elves that's polite enough for this context)... Tree-hippy-pointy-ear-justin-bieber-hylian-wannabes...

When I see a mostly untrained dwarf rip an elf's arm off and beat him to death with it, I become too smug with my makeshift militia's strength. When goblins show up, I overestimate the dwarf who knocked an elf's head off with a hammer.

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