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Too lazy to search, minions get in here.

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That's a shame, it sounded epic.

That build also can't be customised for an Intel processor, due to the chipset.

It's not quite back to square one, but hoho's build on page three would be so much better with an i7 in it.

Problem is, 'twould be more expensive.

But that's what you guys are for, I've got a funeral to go to. Get searching!


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6 cores is obviously better than 4 but only when you compare CPUs with the same architecture. That 6-core AMD is unfortunately significantly slower than 4-core I5 or I7 even when you fully load all cores. In games that can't load all cores it'll be roughly at half the speed of Intel ones even though it has 50% more cores

Though it is cheaper than i5/i7 CPUs. Also it's significantly hotter, thus nosier to keep cool and needing beefier PSU.

the thing is, 6 cores isn't actually better no matter the architecture. Even if he had applications that would utilize all 6 cores, the performance boost is so significantly lower when compared to the difference between 4/2 cores, that it's just not worth the extra hundreds of dollars. Saving those extra hundreds of dollars could go into future proofing on a GPU or two.

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