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Automation: Am I doing it right?

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Eeew BC pipes!

No worries, everyone starts with BC pipes. But If you're wanting to do some bigger systems that process large amounts with more control, you will want to implement RP Pneumatic tubes using filters and retrievers to pipe items around.

To do that, simply place the chest with ores to be macerated.

Right next to it, place a Filter (no Blutricity required)

Place a lever (only for demonstration purposes / testing) right next to the filter. (Ideally: User a Timer with Red Alloy Wire running into contact with the Filter)

Place Pneumatic tube from the output end of the Filter to the top side of the Macerator.

Note: To get the filter pointed the right way, use a screwdriver.

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What you've done works but is a bad precident to set. Rather than a loop at the top of the macerator to deal with items being unable to go in you should have the pipe run to a second chest with wooden pipe and engine sending the items back out again,

Chest -> W. pipe -> Macerator -> W. pipe -> chest.

Reason being having a loop like that puts more stress on the server than running back and forth between chests. It won't matter for a few items being piped around in one setup but if you keep doing it then you'll be wasting your server's resources for no benefit.

Once you scale the whole thing up to deal with the output from quarries you should use diamond pipes and sort each ore to a different macerator (and on to a different furnace each) and you remove the whole issue.

RP2 pipes give a more intelligent network but you don't really need them for something as straightforward as macerating and smelting a random collection of ores.

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