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Full ID list for Tekkit 3.0.3

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Is this a problem? part of the NEI item ID Dump.



[td]Type Name ID

Block. tile.stone. 1

Block. tile.stairsNetherBrick. 1

Block. tile.grass. 2

Block. ic2.common.BlockBarrel. 2

Block. tile.blockIronScaffold. 2

Block. tile.dirt. 3

Block. tile.stonebrick. 4

Block. tile.wood. 5

Block. tile.sapling. 6

Block. tile.bedrock. 7

Block. tile.water. 8

Block. tile.water. 9

Block. tile.lava. 10

Block. tile.lava. 11

Block. tile.enchantmentTable. 11




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