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starforge (a FPS minecraft/halo/starcraft/terraria mix) lol what?


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this is really amazing, i thought it couldn't be done but really just look at this, so much YES!

this i swear is going to make me quit every game i play and just play this, i mean look at it, you can build shoot things, and your in the futuristic world...how cool is that?

mind blown...no not blown...nuked is more like it

mind nuked

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The particle effects in that video look like they're out of TF2.

Looks really7 misplaced considering the style of everything else.

its V0.1 i think its like pre-indev by my standards :P

but the game its self is just [start geberaish]jubqwuifrbiebfieufbieuwbfefiu [end geberaish]

and i think this is going to be minecraft's sucessor, if and when it does "die off"

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Loved it.

Built myself a little bunker, spawned a bunch of traps and lights

then spawned a bunch of enemies.

I mowed them down like dogs.

Very fun, even for pre-beta.

Hopefully the fix the optimization issues, release a modding API, and allow players to be awesome.

*fingers Crossed*

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I was all about this, and I might still like it, but the seeds of Bad Things I Don't Like are already planted. There is some heavy 'pay to get things' going on with this game that really sours me on the whole idea. I don't want to pay money for things, I want to get them in games and find them while playing.

Still could be cool, but that's kind of a deal killer for me :/

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