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Fluid tank level moitor

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I was wondering if there is a method of monitoring the levels of a tank. I would like to be able to switch on my refinery when the fuel level in the output tank drops below a certain level, and switch it back off when the tank is full automatically. Is there any way of doing this?


Adam tip: don't do this

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Edit: Oh wait, this probably won't work because it'll pull fuel from lower tanks too, not just the one it's facing.

This is just brainstorming, I certainly haven't tried it, but you might be able to do it with deployers facing the tanks at the levels you want to test. Put a bucket in the deployer, pulse it, pulse a filter attached to the deployer set to extract empty buckets, route it through an item detector, then back to the deployer, and then pulse the deployer again. If the tank has fuel in it, nothing will happen and the bucket stays in the deployer and puts the fuel back into the tank. If the tank is empty, the bucket trips the item detector and that can trigger your refinery starting. Flip it to a full bucket in the deployer to detect when the fuel has reached a tank instead.

Trickiest part would be setting it up so that everything fires in the right order.

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I am not sure on this but doesn't railcraft have som sort of tank detector thingy?

or does that only work on tank carts... hmm...

but i think there is one, if thats true, you can set it so that wen the second thank from the botom is empty = turn on refinery.

otherwise you might need to wait for the singleplayer/multiplayer merge to be done (in update 1.3 maby) becouse then all singleplayer mods will work for smp, and that means buldcraft 3 with logicgates

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You can use Liquid Redstone Transport Pipes from additional pipes to detect when a tank is empty as the pipe emits a redstone signal when it has liquid traveling thought it. Which will allow you to setup a system to turn on the refinery when the output tank is empty or when the input has liquid. Another idea would be to have your output pumped into a small tank that is then pumped into a bigger one with the redstone pipe between them. When the little tank is drained it will stop sending liquid to the other tank queuing your system to refill it with a bit of red power logic.

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