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Heavy Machines (Technicpack Screenshots)


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I wanted to make a new topic on the machines we are building with the Technicpack. I want to see all of your best masterpieces, maybe together with some descriptions (How much power, what genious redstone steering is behind them etc.). And of course I dont just start this topic without having something to present:

My still WIP High-Tech Base:


It's an almost totally underground base. The entry is a big tree where I build my first shelter house on top. The solar flower on the right side produces almost all Industrial Craft Energy (EU) that I need though I didn't got most of the ressources from mining but through Thaumcraft / EE.


When we take the ladder that is located inside the bole, we come to the IC² Crafting bench. On the opposite side of the bench there is a chest where all smelable ores are collected (after beeing sorted out from the other stuff within my big underground mine system).


This is the assembly workshop: Its designed to help me crafting masses of machines without building a new specialized setup for a new item I want to craft. The right side has 2 x 2 assembly steps (like for making copper-cables and after that making batteries and chips out of them). The left side has 4 assembly steps that build a circle, so I can craft everything that has 4 assembly steps. Redpower2 LED's on the floor below each lever remind me shutting them down after use ;)


This is my first heavy machine: A biofuel refinary. The blue lever switches the water pump on (3 redstone engines). The green starts the 3 fermenters which are powered by 3 electrical engines from forestry. the orange lever starts the filters to make orange biofuel out of the green liquid biomass. The white levers are for pumping the liquid to the next stage. The fuel is stored in 3 medium tanks (3 * 12 Tankblocks = 576 Buckets). From there it can be pumped into 3 Electrical generators who produce EU out of it. The whole thing is more a energy-storage than a energy producing measurement.


Now we are coming closer to my newest and biggest machine: The oil-refinery. This are 4 x 3 x 12 = 144 Blocks of tanks (2304 buckets), only for black raw oil. That is enaugh to store oil from 3-6 offshore oil-wells.


This is the refinary itself. It consists out of 10 modules. On the right side you see 6 Tanks. The left three are very big (50 Block high to the ground, means the can store 2400 Buckets of fuel). The right ones are beeing prepared to be also as big (tanks are almost complete, I only need to do some mechanics and connect the small ones with their lower bigger counterparts).


Here you can see the lower part of the 6 tanks of the previous picture. The cables are going down to steer the pumps from the refinery without having to climb down that big hole ;). The hole is a remain of my mining operations.


This is the power-plant providing the buildcraft-energy for my refinary. It consist out of 40 combustion engines. They provide their own water cooling.


Although this room is already a bit older, I redesigned the interiour (after an accident with some magic slimes...). It is the Thaumatorium where I produce diamonds. I put obsidian blocks into a chest, and two engines are spreading the blocks to 6 crucibles.


This is the last machine I want to show you. Its my not that strong used full automatic storage room. I can acess its inventory from certain stations where I can push/pull items into it. Maybe one day I will enchance it to refill automaticly with smelted ores.

So, thats it. Now I would like to see your "heavy machines" ;)

(Map Download: http://www.illusion-games.de/download/private/minecraft/TechnicPack6MC1.1.rar)

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Its not about perfection, its about fun ;)

Yea, i could start the quarries a lot deeper, but i dont have them for making ressources. Ores i usually get through the alchemical Laboratorium where i set up a condenser in a collector flower. So the rest is just for fun. Also i dont really need that energy storage system, i could just connect all machines to the both very big storage devices in the battery room, but somehow i like it how it is. And so there are a lot of things i could do much more effective. Feel free to make suggestions!

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Hello, thanks for your comments! Would like to see your heavy machines as well!

Just a quick update:


Yesterday I started operation "Mining Maniac": I build 20 Quarries and let them mine. A Tunnel-Bore (Railcraft) is driving the main and sidetunnels where I place the quarries to the left and right side. This is a picture showing the quarries in action from underneath.


Before I setup all thoose quarries, I build my newest creation: I call it mine "Dust-O-Matic". It consist out of several Macerators with sorting diamond pipes in front. So for every ore there is a single macerator who makes dust out of them. And I still have 2 left (maybe for Coal?).


At the end, and accident happend: I dont exactly know how this could have happend, since I wasn't that far away, but one of the combustion-engines was running hot and exploded. Thanks to my security-measures only 7 engines where affected. On this picture you can see that there are big obsidian blocks between one and the next module of 8 engines. Due to the effect that the redstone signals where laid next to the engines all other engines shut down afterwards. That was unintended but very good. Maybe I will lay down the steering cables underground but additional control cables like now on the top, so that I can detect if something goes wrong and shut down the machines. Also Im thinking of a mechanism that I only can activate the engines for the certain time rather than always on/off. So I would prevent them from wasting energy and also I would reduce the chance of a new explosion. Additionally, I think im going to put another security obsidian layer in the middle and on the sides.

Im happy about any comments or hints how I can do it better ;)

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You'll need an assembly table and a number of lasers.

http://www.wiki-buildcraft.net/index.php/Assembly_Table (shows the materials needed for gates and chipsets and wires)


The recipes are kind of weird, you just toss the materials in the left side and select what you want it to make in the right side. I'd start with just the basic redstone gates but you can come up with some pretty complex stuff with the AND/OR gates.

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But I dont know on what server I should go. Any preferences? There are a lot of servers in this forum, but how can I know that the admin is reliable?

I have recently been trying to get a 24/7 server. Soon, when Tekkit 2 comes out, I could put it up. 24/7. I'd love to have a player like you. (I used to run a private server only, But this new 24/7 should run fine for a public.)

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So, as I said: Here my upgraded power plant & some other machines together with a new map-download where you start right inside the nuclear power plant:


First I had to build a "small" laser-crafting bench (Buildcraft) to craft all that golden AND Gates I needed.


Here you can see my upgraded Buildcraft power plant. I use it to refine oil, craft with my laser bench and to power my quarries (currently I use 6-8 9x9 Quarries at the same time).


Here you see the settings of the AND-Gate of every single combustion engine. It emits redstone power whenever the engine is in a safe state AND the red signal cable is on (for switching the engines on/off from a single point). In my current map (see the download link) I added another command line to the AND-Gate: It gives me back a signal on the blue line whenever the fuel tanks of the engines are not full. The signal activated an LED-Lamp in the control room, so you can decide if you want to fuel up your engines or not. This setup should be very safe now, since whenever a single engine is overheating it shuts itself down till it is cool enaugh again. I could use the plant without water supply, but the water supply causes longer runtime without having to shut it down.


Now that I anyway crafted the laser bench I also automated the oil-refinery to automaticly switch on the output pumps whenever there is refined fuel in the single modules. Though I removed the fuel-pump switch in front of the refinery.


Same with the biofuel refinery: removed the two white levers cause the aren't needed any more.


Also my "Dust-O-Matic" got an upgrade. The Gates detect when there is dust in the macerators and switches on the engines. Also I added a compressor to one of the last two slots which compresses raw-uranium and sends the refined uranium directly into the storage room of my nuclear power plant.


Reactor control room and current starting point of my map if you start it. This is the biggest single reactor I ever build. It has 2 layers of security stone around, another layer in front of the control room. 2 automatic security doors lead into the inner reactor chamber. It is located far away from my base right above bedrock level. It is a 6-Chamber Mark II-1 EB reactor (wow, that sounds so cool!)

The Mark II means, it can only run one circle and has to cool down afterwards (1 circle = put one time uranium cells in it and wait till they are used up).

It has 3-times the efficency of turning uranium-cells into EU compared with a reactor where only one single cell is in. Even more simple: With one cell you get 1 unit of energy, with this setup you need 4 cells but you get 16 units of energy. It outputs 120 EU / Tick. The energy is losless transferred to my main energy storage room (due to some IC² wiring skills I aquired ;) ).

Right next to the control room there is a special storage room where I have the uranium cells and some other parts for maintaining the reactor. The uranium storage is filled automaticly with refined uranium as I use my quarries.

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Heres my first all Legit-Semi-Hightech-base in SSP,


I have a Thaumatorium, Diamond factory-(can be adapted to create almost anything), and a EE duplication room

Ive been re-learning EE because i havent played with it since 1.7.3, thats why theres so much EE/Thaumcraft stuff.

Havent played around much with IC2 or BC yet, will do that later =D


Edit:Im using version 6.0.7 with this map, parts may be incompatible with other versions.

The diamond factory in short- One condenser chest should turn diamonds into obsidian, obsidian should flow into the alchemical chest with overflow going to another condenser chest that turns it into diamond blocks. RP filters take Obsidian out of the alchemical chest and throw it into thaumium crucibles. Crucibles are wired to the Duplicators, and a RP retriever to take the diamonds out of the duplicators and put it back into the 1st condenser to repeat the process. Hope that makes it a bit clearer if your trying to replicate it. Good luck, also good idea with the redstone function on the AND gates to control the combustion engines, going to copy that idea for later use. ;)

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Nice tidy base, but somehow your diamond factory isn't working correctly, can that be? The condenser in the wooden box isn't connected to anything but a pipe that isn't putting anything in it. I think you missed the relays?

Edit: Ah, now I got it. In that version of Thaumcraft your are using, the condensers would take everything that is in them and convert it to the target item. In my version (I think im using the newest here from technic) thats not the case, so your machine isn't working correct.

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