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Heavy Machines (Technicpack Screenshots)


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Your images appear to be horribly broken.

Odd - they are working for me. I've hosted images from my google sites page on other forums before with no issues. Any ideas on how I might fix them?

I edited/shortened the image URLs. Are they any better?

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More Reactor Complex pics.

Reactor control circuit. Blue wire is from control room lever, White wire is from storage full cutoff, yellow wire goes to reactor. RP IC is an OR gate.


Reactor Automatic Refuel Control Circuits v1.0. Brown wire is input from control room to initiate refuel sequence. Light blue wire activates reactor purge machinery to remove any depleted uranium cells. Circuit then activates automatic cell creation and then sends cells to reactors via pulses on pink wire.


Reactor Refuel Machinery.


Power Grid Status/Monitor panel


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