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How does Agriculture work in Industrialcraft?

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So I'm pretty much stuck here on the Agriculture section of Industrialcraft. No one has really shown me where to get all these things in legit play. So how do I get started in Agriculture? Where do I get hops, and coffee beans?

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Do to the way the system works it is impossible to make a guide for it as it is mostly random. By cross breeding wheat you can get any thing from melons to sugarcane or if your lucky one of the many other plants IC2 adds. The main thing to do is always make sure your plants are hydrated with the hydro cells and have fertilizer. As well as using weedx to prevent weeds from forming and taking over your plants.

Basic cross breeding arrangement is a 3x3 area of tilled dirt with water in the middle and your plants in the corners. Once they are fully grown place double chop stick cross breeders between each of the plants and cross your fingers. Now that we have the crop-matron place one a block above the water in middle while suppling it with plant care products and power. Also make sure to have a handy cropnalyzer to find out what your producing and the stats of the plants.

Other than that always make sure to never walk on the plants and avoid left clicking them unless you want to get their seeds.

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