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Tekkit for minecraft 1.2.5 no forestry?

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The other day i opened up technic launcher to play tekkit and it did an update so i was like yay it is for minecraft 1.2.5 then i went on my world and my farms and electric engines were gone. so i looked up these things in too-many-items thinking that the block IDs must have changed but nothing from forestry was there. and i don't really care about the farms that much but now i can't power my quarries with my geothermal power or wind turbines!

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where does it say that forestry was removed?

In about 50 threads all over the forums as well as on the front page of the site for awhile - http://www.technicpack.net/a-note-on-forestry/

It is also no longer listed on the tekkit mod list - http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit/

Basics are that the creator of the mod decided he no longer wanted it in technic or tekkit and went to extreme measures to have it removed. Before you ask, it will never be added back no matter what due to said extreme measures.

Learn to use the energy links in power converters to power your quarries.

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