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mod plane on a tekkit server

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Ok thank you, i found this mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/182918-125flans-mod-rewritten-and-now-totally-awesome/#Planes

but i don't know how to install it because, have I to install all the API or are them install on tekkit ? How can I install this mode on the solo version of tekkit because the installation is different which minecraft's. Again sorry for my bad english

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I think you can make something that flies using Redpower's frames and frame motors, check "redpower inchworm drives" on youtube.

Those are bulky and slow as worms. That's why they're called inchworm. Actually I've seen worms move faster. Oh and they cause tremendous amount of lag - 15tps on an otherwise 20tps server when the ship is moving. No good unless you're making a quarry, an elevator, or a drawbridge. Now those are cool.

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