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  1. CreeperShift: I understand that you used to have a modpack (ZIP file based) and now switch with this modpack to Solder? Is this correct? If so: How did you migrate your modpack into solder? Manually and by hand or did you have some sort of script/help to make it easier?
  2. Hi there vedalken Thanks for your hint. It worked.
  3. Please scratch the "perhaps", because all you said you voided yourself with this tiny little information. I do not intend to be mean or condescending, but if you restart (or even reboot?) your server on a daily basis, there is simply nothing you can see or estimate in the long run. You certainly are on the safe side concerning all issues which might occur when your server might run more than 24h. That being said, of course I understand that you (and me! and many others) can not be bothered to the check tons of parameters of a server for hours with no end just to find every root cause of issues that might arise or not. Quite impossible actually, considering that each and every mod is made by someone else and can potentially screw things pretty bad for everyone. So I do understand this approach. However, this very approach makes all the other information anecdotal at best. As for Java 8: There is a PPA for Ubuntu (webupd8team) which offers Oracle JDK 8 (newest at the moment which is either u31 or u33), rather easy to install. You also have the possibility to change back to OpenJDK 7 if needed. My server is running for approx. 48h with Java 8 (yes, that is not much yet) without any troubles. I'd say that Java 8 can be considered stable by now. Now that I looked into it, it appears (but I am still not a programmer) that the memory management had some (positive) changes. Beside the fact that Java 7 is EOL soon, it seems to be a low risk to go to Java 8 (and a fallback is rather easy anyhow).
  4. Hi all In my little private server I made a spawn point. Everyone logging in for the first time will end up there. There are a few signs with information and some chests with stuff in it. When noone is OPped, the spawn protection is off (which is default behaviour) That also means that every door and chest can be opened, but also blocks can be broken. If someone is OP, then blocks can not be broken, doors can still be opened (because I use Obsidiplates), but chests can not be opened. Anyone an idea how to make sure that blocks can not be broken, but the chests can be accessed? Thanks!
  5. Thanks a lot for this thread...helped me quite a lot myself. Heard of Opis, not used it so far, will certainly in the future. Used fastcraft before, so there is a +1 from my side. Did not have any issues so far. Just a few questions though: I am not a programmer: Why Java 8? I mean, of course, Java 7 is EOL and therefore a switch has to occure in terms of security and updates. However, seeing that Java 7 would run still perfectly fine....what are the upsides (performance wise) to Java 8? Any short insights? Or is it mainly the PermGen stuff that was changed on Java 8? Surely SSD is preferred over HDD, am I right to say that this most likely affects loading times (server load time, chunk loading)? As soon as chunks are loaded or stuff is in RAM that should not be an issue?! (well, maybe world backups). Thanks a lot
  6. Hi plowmanplow That worked...now that begs the question why that happens and which part of nginx, apache or solder I misconfiguered for this to happen. Now I see a login, however, after login I see an exception handler. Hard to tell if this is because a path is not yet set right (which I would assume considering the circumstances) or if something else is amiss...
  7. Hi all So far I found several guides on how to install solder (using nginx and apache): '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> https://github.com/TechnicPack/TechnicSolder/wiki/Getting-Started However, I kind of end up at the very same place: Once I use my FQDN I can connect to my webserver and then I guess index.php of my technicsolder is being processed which in turns then tries to forward me to a /dashboard. However, this dashboard does not exist (I can not find a file or directory under public by this name). Same happens with nginx, so it is not really an apache issue. The file info.php (which provides me with php information) works fine out of public directory of technicsolder.... Anyone an idea what I might be missig here? Thanks
  8. Hi there The_Doctors_Life Thanks a lot. It was not obvious to me that it was deactivated (as I could find the mod added in mods_available) and had to use a specific command to "redo" it. Thanks a lot for your insight.
  9. Hi all I am trying to figure out technicsolder, however, I am already a little stuck. I am on Ubuntu 14.04 (updated as of today). So far I am not aware that I missed a dependency. I used the git command to get technicsolder and from within I used composer command to get things installed. It starts downloading the files from the project but then stops with the following error: [email protected]:/datadisk/technicsolder$ php composer.phar install --no-interaction Loading composer repositories with package information Installing dependencies (including require-dev) from lock file Nothing to install or update Generating autoload files Mcrypt PHP extension required. Script php artisan clear-compiled handling the post-install-cmd event returned with an error [RuntimeException] Error Output: There is no other error output. While I understand that it seems that php mycrypt is missing, it is installed: ii libmcrypt4 2.5.8-3.1ubuntu1 amd64 De-/Encryption Library ii openssl 1.0.1f-1ubuntu2.8 amd64 Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - cryptographic utility ii php5-mcrypt 5.4.6-0ubuntu5 amd64 MCrypt module for php5 Am I missing something? Is there another package that is need or is the needed library called differently?
  10. Well, my 2 cents (euro) I made a custom modpack, which is tech based (comparable to Tekkit) and I added Tinkers Construct. I personally never used it, one of my friends liked it very much, used it a lot and I benefit from it by getting better tools and weapons throughout the stages of the game...even when we have tons of power and items. Personally, I'd say it is a nice addition and an nice alternative, if you like to go the less techie way (at first or even in general). Then again one might (understandably) argue that it does not really match the Tekkit theme. It offers quite powerful items which can make it easier (once you actually know TiC), espeically mid-game. It can make it less challenging, as in...you need to wait not as long to get decent stuff before you get to the "end" game. I think it really is, after all, a philisophical question rather than a technical one. It does not really stick out negatively in Tekkit, but it not really looks seamless either. My friends and I like it...so we are biased anyway. It works, it adds to our pack, it does not really destroy anything, it is an additional option. But yes, it is not as industrial/techie as it could be.
  11. Hi all I have a custom modpack and a server for it. The modpack itself works okay so far and my friends tested it quite a bit However, I am missing a few tools (and ideas which tools those might be) to do the following on my (Forge) server: Scenario: A player connects to the server and ends up in a room (which was pre-made). That room contains information on how to go on (signs). Upon (first) connection the player receives a few choosen items (some food, a weapon, a bed, a boat, a straw and liquid ender pearls in a bucket). In order to go outside, he has to drink the liquid ender pearls. She/he therefore will be teleported somewhere random and starts her/his adventure. If he should die before being able to put down his bed and sleep in it and ends up at the spawn again, he will be given the same things again.... Issues (it is a forge server, not cauldron as of yet): I need to protect the spawn area so no one can destroy and blocks, but all chests I choose to place there should be accessible. I am guessing this could be done with ForgeEssentials and WorldGuard...any other possible mod/ideas? I need a tool which allows me to spawn some specific items either in the inventory of the player or in a specific chest upon (first) connection of a player or a player being at the specific place (in my case spawn area) I have no idea how to solve this issue or which mod might allow me to do that. Any ideas? I have not yet tested whether drinking from liquid ender pearls being put on the floor will dissolve them completely or if they will stay behind. I guess I can find that out myself which might alter a few things in the scenario (a ender pearl spring at the spawn, rather than giving out buckets) The reason I am pointing out that I am on forge, rather than cauldron is, that I'd like to stay on forge....because cauldron (the unofficial port) somewhat lacks behind. However, depending on the mods I am willing to change. Thank you for your help, any ideas are appreciated
  12. I wonder how much load it really takes to make the difference between Apache and nginx visible. Apache is a rather hefty workhorse already (which can be optimised) and unless you start with limited hardware ressources to begin with I do wonder when you start to notice it. My guess is, it takes quite a number of requests/sessions.
  13. So, basically, there is nothing (unless you find cauldron somewhere) which leaves you with forge. There are some plugins which have a forge version (eg. Essentials), however, I am not aware of many more.... Good luck to you. If you find anything, let us know.
  14. Thanks Torezu For moving the thread and for all your suggestions...I will take a look at them Much appreciated
  15. Apart from minimaps (which was already covered by plowmanplow) there is also dynmap for forge (server side only) which can be fun, too. This allows you to access the world map and chat with the players from a web browser. Just a thought.
  16. Hallo Tilera Dies ist ein mehrheitlich englischsprachiges Forum. Von daher kann ich Dir nicht garantieren, ob und wie rasch Dich jemand unterstützen kann. Im Moment gibt es viele Änderungen bei Technic. Am besten Du lädst den neusten Launcher runter und versuchst es nochmals. Viel Erfolg English: Sorry, that was German. I am not going to translate as this was just basic info.
  17. Well, they will be fixed when they are fixed. These are made by people volunteering their time. I'd say it will not take too much time and I suggest you check back to the website. Right now it looks stable to me (but there are others). Good luck
  18. Okay, it somehow worked (it took ages after clicking "install this modpack" on the website until it showed up on the launcher). This might need to get fixed as people might not be as patient. Downloading (which actually should have nothing to do with the launcher and the technic-website) takes ages as well (starting it, not the download itself once it started)...
  19. Hi there Thank you for the answer. I was searching for something along the lines of v1 (a button) and was not aware that it should be done automagically when I press the "install the modpack" on the website (while the launcher is open). Of course I was aware that the website was a little shaky during the time I tried, however, not knowing that installing a new modpack to my launcher was so extremely interconnected with the website was expecting a button Thanks, I will give it a try now.
  20. Hi all Sorry, I didn't want to open a tracker ticket right away...for something I just might be too stupid to notice, but... HOW can I add a new modpack to the launcher v2? I do not see a button or anything. In v1 it was a "plus" which said "add pack" (or something along those lines). In v2 I do not see anything. Thanks for your help.
  21. And who exactly would you like to have this addressed? As you mentioned you are talking about third party modpacks (as far as I understand that means not the official modpacks such as Tekkit or AotBt, etc.). These modpacks are absolutely and completely under the responsibility of the person (or team) who made them. If they get popular, more people use them and usually the negative feedback rises. The Technic staff or anyone else in this forum can't address this issue. This can only be done by the people responsible. So, either you contact them directly and make them help you or Technic will be closed for third party modpacks... To be fair, however, my guess is that most of the issues are client wise (wrong java, wrong version of java, too few RAM, etc.). And, again to be frank with you, if most of them fail for YOU (while a lot of people can play them) I'd recommend to check those logs very carefully to make sure that there is not an issue with your configuration. But that is just me....
  22. Hi all Not sure if I am in the right place. I am not looking for some custom mod, but rather on ideas if there are already mods out there which add to the oceans (such as new mobs, maybe some new blocks, etc.)? Oceancraft is only for 1.6.4 as far as I can see (i'd like to move forward to 1.7.10). Mariculture is being abandoned. Any other ideas? Thanks for your suggestions!
  23. If only certain parts (teleportation and dimensions) can be disabled.... Sorry for being so old fashioned...I just don't like the instant teleportation. That what you have technology like jumppacks, planes or railroads(!) for. And new dimensions also mean more server ressources needed Everything else sounds very interesting!
  24. Woah, language! I have to second that. If you bothered to actually search the internet (and more specifically this forum) you should have come across a lot of solder related information. In its current state it is a rather complicated thing to set up. Knowledge of php, databases, html and web services in general (and then either windows or linux) is necessary. There are some youtube videos out there who explain what to do. However, plowmanplow was right. The way you asked (one simple line for something like solder?) very much shows that you are likely not up for the task....and I am not going to say "I mean no disrespect", because respect is being earned and calling people "jerks" makes sure mine is being earned very, very, very slowly.
  25. I am not sure if your problem is already solved or not...but...simply disabling your firewall might not suffice. You need to make sure that port forwarding is also working! I guess you are not talking about enterprise grade firewall systems, but something that is along the usual router devices you have at home. Now, those things usually have a firewall, that is correct. HOWEVER, they also do NAT (network address translation). Simply put -> your internal network (usually along the IP addresses 192.168.x.x) is hidden behind that router and ALL of your internal IP addresses are translated to the public IP address that is been given by your internet provider. That router does the translation. When your friends connect to the public IP on a specific port (eg. for Minecraft) you need to tell the router (correctly) to which internal IP address it shall forward this request (and that needs to be your computer with the minecraft server).
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