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  1. If your talking about company's to put your downloads in, try mediafire
  2. reinstall technic and backup your modpacks folder sorry, i use mac idk how to get there on windows
  3. As munaus_7 said and you can go to minecraft forums and advertise there too, but here is better since most people in minecraft forums are looking for vanilla
  4. Just make the pack yourself and release for everyone if your that eager
  5. You could possible be having memory leaks
  6. Like am I aloud to talk about other modpacks other then the ones that are already installed in technic, like attack of the b-team and hexxit?
  7. Try checking you're controls maybe you changed em.If its not the controls that are changed I recommend you to backup you're world and reinstall hexxit.
  8. Also how does mavericks help, it says its just a app or someone if I found the wrong one or something can give me a link?
  9. I'm not sure thats the case because only hexxit is opening upsidedown, does that change anything?
  10. Title: Hexxit Working but opening upside down? Version: 1_0_4 OS: Mac OSX Lion 10.8.9 Java Version: Java 7 Description of Problem: So Hexxit is working fine but when it opens it opens upsidedown!Please help because I can't play it when its upside down! Error Messages: No error message the mojang screen is just opening upside down. Error Log: No error Log Just opening upside down.
  11. Yo please help us I commented on you're latest Hexxit vid if you saw please help us you are god I will also suscribe please help us god!
  12. I have the folder and everything but if I put it in the mod folder or if I put a coremod will everything still work or will go bad?
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