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  1. Early access is Friday and goes public Monday.
  2. Some facts.. Having a full set of armor points gives a base 80% damage reduction. So it's like having 100HP instead of 20 without armor. Gem gives an additional 90% damage reduction. So your HP with Gem armor is 1000. Quantum works a little different. For every point of damage cost 30EU. Quantum Chest hold 1Million EU. Given base armor 80% damage reduction, you take 1 damage for every 5 damage done. So (1,000,000 / 30) * 5 = 166K. So having a full set of quantum is like giving a player 166K HP. That aside the reason Gem armor exist is that EE was not made with the idea that it would be combined with IC2.
  3. Well here's the thing, if I'm on a server with both IC2 and EE enabled. I would get Quantum armor and just get the EE rings. Bam, invincibility of Quantum, same power as Gem. For a faction of the cost..
  4. Yea a regulator will not do what you want it to do. I think the best solution is to use a sorter and for every 5 blaze powder send 2 to be condense to blaze rod and 3 to condense to red matter. This solves the blaze condenser from filling up as the ratio for blaze powder to blaze rod will remain the same.
  5. By default the limit is 1000 blocks. The thing with frames is any blocks in the way that is not touching a frame while stop the frame from moving.
  6. Didn't understand most of what your saying, but there is no public release of Buildcraft 3.x for SMP yet, which is why it's not in Tekkit.
  7. There are RP pumps, but like most redpower stuff takes some effort to setup and works a little different then Buildcraft pumps also as it move source blocks from one location to another instead of into tanks.
  8. No it's a dumb and ignorant question and shows a complete lack of understanding about just what Tekkit is. All he cares about is, in his own words "i want the new items when minecraft 1.3 is OUT". Personally I support DoomGiver attitude as is might make people actually go out and become more informed, instead of having their hand held all the time, but I don't hold much hope in it.
  9. Actually the recent changes have made it worse then other servers. I joined a couple months ago, because of the EE stuff also. Now the only thing left really is the swiftwolf ring and alch chest, bag. Now EE stuff I don't mind really, but the Nerf to all IC2 generators is to much. Basically most IC power generators only produce half the power of normal. EDIT: Well I shouldn't say worse, more different. If I had to describe it, the server is leaning more towards a traditional survival Minecraft experience, by removing or nerfing a lot of the parts of tekkit that allow for a more creative experience. IE. Condenser, Mass Fab.
  10. It actually does fits well with the new client/server integration they doing, where you can have friends join your single player world. Not something I would use on a random server though.
  11. Energy link by default provide 2MJ per 5 EU. The real problem with them is limiting how much EU you send to it. Personally, I perfer using RP pipes for most things as they are more "smart" and never leak. If not for the autocrafting tables and quarries I probably wouldn't use anything from Buildcraft at all.