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  1. IGN - GSXARMY Real Name - Amy ritchie Skype(Op) - i had one but forgot the account ( didnt use it that much ) Age (We accept all ages)- 18 What Mods are you best at? (For your shop) - i like minefactory and chisel but i dont think i can make a shop with that xD Tell me about yourself - im friendly and like helping people Timezone - hmmm i just moved to united states so i dont really know Maturity Level 1-10 and why (Just to see if your Sane or not lol) - hmm prob about 8 i dont like to mad at people and i can act mature Anything Else to add(Op) - i dont really know what to put here but i l
  2. Name: Amy Age:18 IGN:GSXARMY Why you want to join: looking for a friendly server and want to look for friends , also haven't played minecraft for a while Favorite Mod:prob minefactory and chisel Skype: i had one in the past but i forgot the password is ( didnt use skype that much )
  3. IGN = GSXARMY Why you want to join = haven't played minecraft for a while and want to look for friends to play with Experience with AOTBT = good enough but still learning Skype = dont have one ( forgot the old one ) Age = 18 Country = US Anything you want us to know = like to look for friends and helping new players or anyone who need it ( friendly too :D)
  4. IGN: GSXARMY Age: 18 Skype: dont have one and my internet suck ( cant handle skype and MC in one time) Average time you'll be on the server: about 2 hour per day if my home PC fixed gonna play about 5 hour / day Why do you want to join? i need another server cuz my last server closed Will you follow the rules? i will follow the rules
  5. Ingame Name: GSXARMY Age: 18 Why you want to join: my last server closed and i dont have any server small enough to play (ps: want more friends) Skype: dont have one sorry How well do you know this mod pack: im really good with tech stuffs like MFR and TE ( galaticraft a bit) Do you agree to the rules?im agree to all the rules and will not broke them
  6. hmm i haven't whitelisted yet and i cant wait to play the modpack again btw miningkk was playing with me in the other server with me and we are friend just ask him and he'll know what server it is
  7. IGN : GSXARMY i want to find more servers to play in and more friends :3
  8. Minecraft username: GSXARMY Age (be honest - there's no shame): 18 Where did you find out about this server? technic forum Why do you wish to join this server? i wanna find a friendly server to play Do you have any prior knowledge of the B-Team Modpack? i have played the modpack at another server What do you hope to try out / achieve on the server? i want to set up a zoo or a space station Cake or Death? cake :3
  9. what griefing sorka and sry my internet not allow me to play technic for some time
  10. sorka try look at the server crash reports cuz we crashed 2 times in a row now and it happen everytime omega joined try fixing it
  11. okay thank you very much glad to know that
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