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  1. Age - 16 My other whitelisted server i play on got shut down so i would like one to play on. Username - JordRossWBA
  2. Age: 17 IGN: JordRossWBA Favorite Mod: Carpenters Mod Best Known Mod: Carpenters Mod Knowledge of AOTBT (scale of 1-10): 9 Skype: jordan.ross29
  3. Application: In-game name : JordRossWBA Age: 16 Fave color for starter kit: Blue Timezone/Country: United Kingdom
  4. Application : Hey, im Jord, i love attack of the b-team and ive been looking for a good modded server for a long time and not yet found one, by the sounds of the introduction to the server, it sounds promising i would love to join First Name : Jordan In Game Name (mine-craft name) : JordRossWBA Timezone (or location, via city, state, country, etc.) : United Kingdom Amount of time you're able to play on the server (brief explanation of preventions that might happen, if not able to play two (2) hours per day, or more.) :ay I could play on about 3-4 hours a day on this server, maybe more Minecraft Purchase Date (I use this to understand how much experience you have, and how much you know about minecraft overall.) : Ive been playing this for a about 2 years, i dont know the actual date xD Any bans from previous servers (I use this to estimate if you are a good elector for a slot on the server.) : No, ive never been banned Why you wish to join. (This is the important part, I don't just want a one liner like ; hi i want to join the srvr plz im awsome at minecraft) : I would love to join because i like to have that comfort of knowing that i will never get griefed or robbed and i cant spend all the time i need to make other people happy on the server Any comments (optional, but please post it if you have one.) : No comments
  5. Age: 16 Gender: Male Time Zone: London Why would you like me to pick you rather than the rest of the people: Because im a helpful person thats always willing to help people with there builds, exploration and i can build a mean house What can you bring to this server: i would consider myself funny, and i can bring joy to people by making there AOTB journey better What makes you special from everyone else: I will help people and i am very trusted, NEVER been banned Minecraft Name: JordRossWBA
  6. IGN: JordRossWBA Why you should be accepted?: Because i treat people with respect on servers, never been banned and i can help anyone around the server What mod do you plan to focus on? I will focus in mostly the building mods such as carpenters blocks, chisel and i like the creativity of the tinkers contruct mod What do you like to do in Minecraft/AOTB (ex. Build, Explore, etc.): I LOVE to build and i would love to help anyone set up or make the spawn a pretty place
  7. Please one last chance..... i love this server and im just sorry i will do anything please just let me back on and ill do what you want me to do.... im so sorry, please give me one more chance and if i act like an arse again you can kick me off permanently :(PLEASE I BEG YOU!
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