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  1. Awesome! Thanks for helping, Kalbintion. It's awesome to see people working together to figure stuff out
  2. I also use this quite a bit. My bases always seem to have fluiducts and itemducts going everywhere in the walls, so I use glass covers to make sure nothing connects.
  3. This is my tutorial on basic uses and setups for the Project Red transport pipes!
  4. I'd be interested! My issues are that I've already got a singleplayer series going, and I've got a whitelisted group that just set up a server too. I don't know how much aotbt my few subs would be able to handle And idk this is my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4uHfhc7H1Mdx3lo_1aQ0IA not sure if my mic's good enough, and i only use fraps and windows live movie maker because I'm a baller..
  5. Spam left shift whenever you open your world and itll fix it eventually
  6. This is a guide on how to get started with Thermal Expansion! I also explain all of the different dynamos and how they work. If you need help getting a power system set up, this video's for you!
  7. Once you have your genes, take a syringe of your blood and centrifuge it then put it in storage somewhere. Your extra syringes will always be there when you die and I usually go overboard and keep about 6 of them on drying racks by my machines!
  8. This isn't mine but this guy posted this design here a few days ago. I duplicated it about 6 times and now these things power my entire base and I don't regret it one bit! Totally infinite power and super cheap.
  9. For me the G3 really can't be beat but I've been looking to expand my arsenal, so what's your favorite gun?
  10. Scoured YouTube and the wikis, but I couldn't find how to get it so I can wear an exo suit over or under armor, if that's even possible. If so, help me out?
  11. They're pretty common, just gotta do some exploring!
  12. Emeralds are super rare, but you can set an autospawner to spawn villagers and use conveyor belts to dump them into your smeltery. It'll give you some emerald and then you can drain it into blocks, or an ingot mold.
  13. You can get a syringe and fill it with your buffed blood, centrifuge it, and keep it in storage to use if you die! I always have at least 6 syringes full of my beast blood ready to go if worst comes to worst.
  14. Haven't done Galactic Craft but I did a tutorial on a full auto metal farm that'll get you a good amount of tin, aluminum, copper, iron and gold according to how many oreberry bushes you can get your hands on! Super useful, hope it helps!
  15. Yeah, it's awesome! My ship has double chests, furnaces, and beds. I also put dispensers for tnt and fire charges on the bottom. One annoying thing though, if you use stairs or logs on your ship, they won't turn with it when you park. Like a stair facing North will still face North, even if you park facing the West.
  16. Yeah, no carpenters blocks or microblocks. Biomes o plenty and Natura blocks should work though, and all of the vanilla blocks of course. I also have a flans mod gun crate on mine.
  17. Thanks man! And to anyone else watching this, a lot of what I show is preference. You can whitelist the correct nugget instead of blacklisting the rest, but blacklist makes me feel cooler. And again a ton of the servo work isn't really needed, I just think it makes your machine a bit more badass!
  18. This is a tutorial on how to build an automatic tin , aluminum, copper, iron, and gold (T.A.C.I.G.) farm! It uses thermal expansion and oreberry bushes to get you loads of metal with no work involved!
  19. I don't have that problem but my item extractor chip won't put things back into my storage system anymore..
  20. Shit sorry for the link, I don't know how to internet.
  21. So In my base I use carpenter's hatches with torches/glowstone under or above them to light my areas up without having any visible light source showing. However, in the update the hatches don't really mix with smooth lighting so they shine insanely bright and obnoxiously, and basically ruin the whole purpose of lighting stuff like this. I'd really like this to be fixed! http://imgur.com/4qzZM26
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