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  1. I'm running 1.0.10b for my server and when I try to launch the modpack it loads up, launcher closes and reopens a second later without launching the game. Any help?
  2. Got a virus, had to wipe a ton of stuff, installed the newest version of java and now I can't run the modpack. Any fixes?
  3. Tried to update my server to 1.0.12a but it says that I'm missing the microblocked versions of advanced genetics machines when I try to log on, any fixes?
  4. Yup I've got all the chips in, I've done it a thousand times before but this is the first time doing it on a server. It's all running perfectly now though!
  5. nah they're all blue just zooming around like crazy
  6. So my mob grinder system has an obscene amount of items flowing through it almost constantly and occasionally items will back up and pool into pipe segments between junction pipes. You're supposed to use junction pipes on every corner and intersection, right? Are chunks unloading even though I'm like, right there?
  7. fuck my life. Guess I'm making a bunch of bubble machines
  8. windows are also microblocks, i have project red lamps in the floor, serving as a bottom wall type thing
  9. Oxygen Sealer isn't working, walls of my station are made out of carpenter's blocks covered in quartz slabs, what's wrong?
  10. Hey guys! Just started up a new world and a new series! I'm a pretty experienced player, decent builder and whatnot. Give it a look if you want!
  11. Yeah I mean I have a laptop so myself isn't really going to work (I don't think) my friends suggested fragnet but I'll check out Akliz too.
  12. Hey guys, I'm thinking of starting a small server for a few friends and I to play on, but obviously it would need to be dedicated, 2gigs of ram etc, do any of you have any suggestions for a host?
  13. Thank you very much! I'm trying to get at least 4 videos out per week, but I do have two other series going on Glad you liked what you saw!
  14. Hey guys! I've just started a new map in AoTBT and along with it, a new chapter in my LP of the modpack! Give it a look if you're interested
  15. Hello again guys! DoxNotch back here with a more detailed and in-depth tutorial with the thermal expansion mod for the Attack of The B-Team modpack. This tutorial is supposed to teach you guys everything you need to know about setting up highly functional power systems, and how to use the power that you generate. I go over my favorite power system using magma crucibles and magmatic dynamos, and I teach you a few other designs as well. Reactant dynamos and Compression dynamos are going to be saved for a Minecraft Factory Reloaded tutorial later on, though. I hope you guys enjoy it and learn a l
  16. Not sure if it would've been better to post pictures of it or something, but here's my firing range construction episode I just did for my AoTBT series!
  17. If you're using backpacks I know for a fact that they steal items. You can never totally empty them. I usually keep a block of cobble/dirt in any backpack so I can retrieve all of my valuables.
  18. Hello again guys! Dox back here with a new tutorial! Today I'll be showing you guys how to make a full-auto dye farm using the Project Red dyed saplings, Minecraft Factory Reloaded Harvesters and Planters, and some Thermal Expansion stuff! I hope you guys enjoy it and just ask me if you have any questions. Remember to like/comment/subscribe if you dig!
  19. The steam turbine doesn't make your power. You need to connect a steam dynamo to it, and that dynamo will produce your energy.
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