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  1. IGN: JohnnytotheMaxx Age: 13 What country are you from? Canada Why TotalAttack? Because I want a fun whitelisted AOTBT server, I've been looking for a long time and I've only been accepted to 1 which got shut down for some reason. TotalAttack seems like it will be a nice and friendly server. Would I find your name on MCBANS? If so why? No,I don't think you would. I was banned from a server only once and it was cause I said to my friend to join a server and it thought I was advertising. Do you agree to the rules above?​ Yes, I completely agree
  2. Age: 13 IGN: JohnnytotheMaxx Skype: JohnnytotheMaxx Youtube Channel (If you have one): I have one don't really post though. how often will you play on the server? About 5 times a week for like 3-5 hour periods until I go on vacation. are you willing to play fair? Of course, it's not fun if you don't play fair. will you respect other players and their stuff/ builds? Yes, I hate griefers and I won't make fun of peoples builds Thanks!!
  3. IGN: JohnnytotheMaxx Age: 13 Skype: JohnnytotheMaxx Why I wish to join: I wish to join because, I've been looking for an Attack of the B-Team whitelisted server for a while. I was in one before but then they stopped it. If you chose me I would appreciate it VERY much. What are some things you enjoy about the mod pack: I love the mods Chisel, statue, carpenters blocks and Microblocks, even though I'm not that good of a builder I enjoy using these mods to build. But I also like to just explore and mine morphed as a bat.
  4. IGN: JohnnytotheMaxx Skype: JohnnytotheMaxx Age: 13 TimeZone: Central U.S. and Canada Why I want to join: I have been looking for a good whitelisted server for a while and i feel i would do good in a small community.
  5. IGN: JohnnytotheMaxx I want to join a low populated server with no lag. This server seems perfect.
  6. Hi I am Johnny. Age? 13 How often will you play on the server? About once a day for 1-2 hours maybe a bit less. Are you willing to play fair? Yes, I hate playing with players who don't play fair! Will you respect other players and there stuff/builds? Yes, most definitely! IGN: JohnnytotheMaxx
  7. Username: JohnnytotheMaxx Interesting Fact: Very good at mine craft interior design Best vanilla build: I built a TNT cannon battle between to pirate ships that me and my friend battled in. Best modded build: Made an awesome fancy house with carpenter blocks mod and Mr.Crayfish's furniture mod Minecraft style: Explorer that likes to build things here
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