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  1. IGN: TheCharacter25 Age: 17 Youtube: Don't have one at the moment, would like to start soon What are you good at: Good at a few mods, Tinkers at most. Can explore a lot and gather resources well Why should I pick you/why do you want to join: Really want to get in a whitelisted server with people I can play with and have fun and know one another Time zone: UTC -5 Eastern Daylight Skype: Character_25
  2. IGN: TheCharacter25 Age: 17 Do you record: No, but I would like to start in the near future Could you donate: At the moment I can't, but I should be able to soon. What would I do: Could help in building, I enjoy helping others, so if they need my help on a project I would be more than happy to help. I also gather resources a lot more than I should, so that can be useful What do I love most about AoTBT: All the mods, there are so many possibilities to do whatever you want
  3. IGN: TheCharacter25 Age: 17 Skype: Character_25 Why You?: I would like to play on a whitelisted server, I can build, explore, and I'm pretty good at some mods at the moment, would also like to try and learn more of the mods with other people
  4. I'd like to join this server, having a small server interests me because it lets you interact better with the people your playing with, and I would like to play with some new people.
  5. IGN: TheCharacter25 Age: 17 (about to turn 18) Why you want to join: Would like to play with some people, I don't like crowded public servers Your greatest Minecraft strengths: Exploring, pretty good at some mods in this game now Your Minecraft weaknesses: PVP How often you will be on: I'll try to be on everyday, for a few hours
  6. Minecraft IGN - TheCharacter25 Youtuber - No youtube - Looking to find some good people to play with, would like to make some friends along the way
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