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  1. IGN:ifishi Why you want to join:i would love to join because I love AOTBT and there isn't really any servers anymore Experience with AOTBT:i have been playing it for maybe 1 and a half years now and still love it Skype:ifishi890 Age:15 Country:Australia M8 Anything you want us to know: I am a quite simple person and love meeting new people and having fun on a server like this
  2. 1. In Game Name:ifishi 2. Age: 15 (mature) 3. Experience with AOTBT: I have played almost since it started and know alot about it but still love playing. 4. Skype Name: ifishi890 5. Personality: Friendly and funny smart and respectful 6. Good at Building?: not the best but im not bad. maybe just over average 7. Why should you be accepted?: I love Aotbt and making new friends and at the same time im mature and wont do anything bad or mean to anyone to ruin there game play. 8. Anything you would like to share about yourself(Optional): I am from Australia but play a lot so time-zones wont matter. 9. Favorite mod in the pack: tinkers construct, witchery, thermal expansion, flans mod 10. Would you be interested in donating to help the server stay afloat(decision will not affect whitelist): I am willing to donate if need yes. I, ifishi890, have read the rules and have accepted them with pride and honor. Thanks for your time
  3. IGN:ifishi First Name:mason Skype: ifishi890 Age: 15 (mature) What you enjoy doing in AotBT: iln Aotbt i like to explore the world and have fun with all the mods such as tinkers construct and thermal expansion. Most importantly write a paragraph: I want to join this server because it sound like heaps of fun and also i love making new friends and playing together and just having fun.
  4. In-Game Name: ifishi Age: 15 (mature) Why do you want to play on this server: I want to play on this server because i love Aofbt and love making new friends so I think I will have heaps of fun. What DO you like to do (Build, Mine, etc.): I like to explore and build and crafted what the mod pack can offer. What DON’T you like to do: I don't like build massive buildings that take over a day to build. I'm not that into building things like that. Experience with mod-pack (1-10): 7-8, I have been playing almost as soon as the mod-pack started and I play all the time. What's your favorite anime character (if you watch)?: I don't really have a favourite but anyone from Attack on titan. If you found 100 dollars on the floor, what would you do with it?: I would pick it up and look for anyone around to see if they dropped it but if not idk i would probably keep it or give it to my parents if i couldn't find anyone. Thanks for your time
  5. Ign(In-game name): ifishi Age:15 (mature) Do you have any experience playing Attack of the B-Team?: I have been playing Aofbt for about 3-4 months and love playing it. Do you acknowledge that cheating stealing and greafing will get you removed from the server?: yes i think this is a great idea because then we can all play fairly and have more fun. Do you have skype?(if so put down your username or message me it): yes i have skype and the username is Ifishi890. Will you listen to any sort of rules that will be applied to the server if need be?:Yes i will because any rules that will be added i know it will be for a good reason. Timezone?: Eastern standard Time (NSW australia). Thanks for your time Astarte <3
  6. Its also on your website but here it is any ways Basics:I Love Aotbt and I live in australia so its good In game name: ifishi (mature) Age: 14 Timezone: Eastern standard time (NSW ) About You: I love Aotbt and and playing video games and love making new friends Describe your Minecraft experience:I have played minecraft for about 3-4 years and Aotbt for about 3 months Describe your experience with Minecraft servers: I have played on all different types of vanilla minecraft servers but only one other Aotbt server Have you ever been banned? This is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but please explain what happened: Only once about 2 years ago. I cant remember how but I did get banned somehow What skills do you bring to this server?: I am a good builder and know lots about tinkers contruct, witchery, thermal expansion and more Anything Else? Optional.Is there anything you'd like to ask us or you'd like to share? Is there anything important for the staff to know?: Not really anything but one thing that might help is that my skype is ifishi890 Thanks for reading
  7. IGN (In game name): Ifishi Reason you want to join:I would like to join because I love playing AOTBT and also I love meeting and playing with new people. Also this server seems really fun. Age (Optional): 14 Favorite Mod: Tinkers contruct, Thermal expansion Favorite thing to do in Minecraft: I love building things and exploring everything that the world can throw at me. Youtube (If you dont have one it wont beat your chances of joining): No I dont plan on recording. Building Ability on Scale of 1 to 10 (ex: 1=Dirt House 10=Keralis): 8 Time Zone: Do you want to participate in the UHC?: Maybe ill see how I feel later My skype is ifishi890 if this helps
  8. Minecraft Name: Skype Name: ifishi890 Age: 16 Experience with Attack of the BTeam! (1-10): 8 Favorite Mod: tinkers contruct/witchery Do you plan to record?: I don't have any plans of recording. What do you like to do in Minecraft?: In minecraft i like building and exploring what the world offers. Why do you want to be in this server?: I would like to join this server because it seems fun and I can talk to people around my age (16+) and I love making new friends What else should we know about you?: I have always loved this modpack and all the mods in it and I love hanging with other people and playing games together and sharing fun experiences.
  9. In-game name :ifishi *Optional* Name we can call you in chat: Mason Age (accepting 15 to 25 years old only, sorry. We're mostly teenagers) : 16 years old What mod you'd like to focus on : tinkers contruct, thermal expansion, dragons mount, forge microblocks Your favorite color (I give out little starter kits) : blue Pronoun Preferences (just in case): I don't really care to much, anything really
  10. IGN: ifishi Name(optional) : Mason Age(no limit): 14 ( im mature not like some other 14 year olds) Why do you want to join?: Because I love this modpack and I love making new friends. Also this server seems really fun. Skype: ifishi890 How does a city sound to you(AoTBTwise...)?: Awesome for the AofBt!
  11. IGN: ifishi Age: 14 (mature) Why would you like to join?: well i love attack of the b-team and making new friends and this server sounds like it will be really fun. Thanks for reading
  12. Age: 14 Ign: ifishi Are you a experience Aotbt player?: yes I have played since it came out Why do you want to join the server?: Because I love playing with others and this server sounds like it will be really fun. Also I love making new friends. Skype: ifishi890 Thanks for reading
  13. hi my attack of the b team world wont open it just stays on the loading (building terrain) screen and then after a while it says shutting down internet servers or something along those lines, and after it says that it goes back to the minecraft home screen. I do have to newest version of java. Also when I try to quit minecraft when it happens it says Java platform SE Binary has stopped working. Please Help!
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