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  1. Sorry for coming back so late here's the crash log for when I was taking the (cooked) flesh out of the oven. Both logs are basically identical. http://paste.ubuntu.com/7722054/ No resources packs installed. I was shift clicking stuff from the oven that I had had there from a previous update. It might just be an issue I had. And you were right it was cooked flesh, not flesh. Also the Hopseed saplings from Natura no longer grow from Edit: I went back and tried again with my backup and it happend again. Basically I has the flesh cooking in the previous updat
  2. My game has crashed twice in a row while trying to remove cooked flesh from the oven. I was luckily able to break the oven and fix the issue.
  3. If you bought a decent machine that shipped with snow leopard I would recommend upgrading to Maverick. It's free via the app store, it sometimes requires reconfiguring startup patricians on machines that are 2 years old (I had to fiddle around with it to get it to install correctly). If you don't feel comfortable doing the install yourself you can always make an appointment at the genus bar and they'll install it for you. Just make sure to backup all your data. Maverick is faster for me, free, and was a small change on the front end. If your computer is a few years older then I'd recommen
  4. I still had the same knapsack glitch, but dying once seemed to fix it for me. Here's the thread on it: http://forums.technicpack.net/tracker/issue-1919-1011-knapsack-glitch/
  5. Mr Crayfish hasn't added any mod compatibly for the oven. Currently the oven is only supposed to cook vanilla food. If you want him to add compatibility for food plus you'd have to ask him for it in his thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1114866-172164-forge-sspsmp-mrcrayfishs-furniture-mod-v3292-oven-fix-hopefully/
  6. I've recored a video of the glitch and I'll just upload it to youtube and add a separate issue to the tracker. Edit: http://forums.technicpack.net/tracker/issue-1919-1011-knapsack-glitch/
  7. Let me test, I didn't need to restart B-team/the launcher just exit my individual game and start it again. Here's what I started with: Here's what I loaded my knapsack with: Here's what my knapsack ended up with: I'm going to try removing my knapsack then reapplying it and seeing if that changes anything.
  8. When I log exit and come back my tinkers construct knapsack has been reset to what it was when I upgraded the pack. I didn't get any pictures of it happening, but here are some of the items it duped: Notice my amethyst helmet, my clipboard, and my pink backpack where all duped. Everything else that I put in my knapsack before I left the game is gone and replaced. I had also earlier duped my only my enderporter and thought it was a glitch with that. I'd stay away from knapsacks until they've been fixed. Edit: Also all the new food plus trees can be found in the Artic b
  9. Ah thanks I"m rather new to all of this so I wasn't sure if it was documented. Didn't know it caused chunk corruption though. :o
  10. I'm pretty sure you have to smelt the netherrack.
  11. Lava Fabricator, magmatic dynamo, Heavy Aluminum wire, & any Energy Cell will create both infinite lava and infinite energy right now. It's a bit of an undocumented bug. You need to use the Heavy Aluminum wire and have an energy cell but it works super fast.
  12. Btw Tropicraft has been updated to Tropicraft 5.1.7 (For Minecraft version 1.6.4). It includes bug fixes, sunken ships and underwater groves. http://tropicraft.net/p/bug-fixes-b-team-and-more/
  13. Is there anyway to update the Necromancy Mod in the next update? There is a new version of it? Also Issac and the Nightcrawlers aren't spawning, I"m going to go and try to bug fix with the necromancy mod builder.
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