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  1. 1.IGN: xbulletx11 2.Skype Name: If you don't have a Skype its not a big deal: xbulletx11 3.Reason you would like to join my server: I would like to join your server because I have been searching the internet for a MindCrack like server. I also want to be in a server without being griefed or stolen from, I do like to have some fun so I think being allowed to prank people will be great ! I know all most everything about B-Team so I can help people out whenever needed to. I'ma talented builder so I can assist In building the spawn town. I will stick to the rules and not cause any havoc
  2. When will you be answering the rest of the applications ? I've been waiting for a day or 2 now...
  3. Minecraft Name: xbulletx11 - Age: 13 But Mature - Skype: Max Gallazzi - Why you want to join me: I want to join you because I watch Chimney Swift etc and I would love to part of a small community ON AOTB like he his and here is my oppurtunity, I will follow the rules entertain the viewers on your Youtube and can bring a whole lot of knowledge on B-Team to you guys. I'm a good builder therefore I can assist in helping the world look attractive to the eye. - Youtube channel (I don't care how good your content is): I currently don't have a Youtube channel but will have s
  4. IGN: xbulletx11 First Name : Max Skype : Max Gallazzi About you : I'm 13, a mature player who is a dedicated player who likes to have fun and mess around with friends, I have a good sense of humour and helpful. Why you want to join : I want to join because I want a group of 2-3 people having fun on a server and entertain other people on Youtube. I will help everyone out and can bring allot of knowledge about every mod on board. I can build infinite resource machines and sophisticated and efficient grinders and machines to make the gaming experience more easier. In addition
  5. Sorry, are we going to be told if we are whitelisted or not ? ...
  6. Name: Max Gallazzi Age: 13 But mature In-Game name: xbulletx11 How much do you know about the Modpack: Near enough all of it, a tiny bit on Witchery. Why should i pick you: You should pick me because I am I hard working dedicated person, I will not break any of the rules and help people out when needed to. Are you a Adventure/Builder/Crafter: All 3, But mainly a builder. I love to build all the time I prefer to build old witchery orientated builds due to the ammount of detail you can put into the build to make them more attractive. Thanks For Reading =- Bull
  7. IGN: xbulletx11 Skype (will contact you with this if your accepted): Max Gallazzi Do you accept the rules?: Yes, I will follow the rules to keep peace within the community. Age: 13 But mature and a serius player dedicated to doing good ona server. Youtube: Do not have one, I would like to be a dedicated player allowed in. How active you will be: 5-6 hours a day. Why should I pick you?: You should pick me because I will follow the rules and report members to staff if they dont , I'm a mature person who will help people out and not be annoying. I have played Attack of The B-Tea
  8. Age- 13 But think I'm mature enough to join a server with 14+ yr olds on. IGN - xbulletx11 Reason - I have been looking for a small friendly community to join for Attack Of The B-team for around 3 months now. I would love to join 'Naughty Ville' because of the ages of people which proves that no griefing or stealing will happen on this server. I will follow the rules and help members out when ever needed. I'm also talented at building therefore I could help with the spawn and future projects on the server. In addition I will be mature and not annoy any older members on the server.
  9. IGN: xbulletx11 Why you should be accepted?: I should be accepted because I follow the rules, very helpful and have great knowledge on Attack Of The B-Team. Also I would like to be part of a small friendly community who just talk and chill out. What mod do you plan to focus on?: Mostly Thermal Expansion, Thinkers Construct And Maybe Witchery. What do you like to do in Minecraft/AOTB (ex. Build, Explore, etc.): I love to build, out of 10 i would give my self a 8 maybe 9. I build all the time and can help members with their own bases aswell. I love to explore searching for new pl
  10. Ign: xbulletx11 Age: 13 But Mature Are you a good builder ? Yes! Around a 9/10 I love building. I prefer to build modern futuristic bases or witchery orientated buildings. If needed I will help build the spawn for you why i should choose you? You should choose me because I will follow the rules, help players out and have a great knowledge base on Attack Of he B-Team.. I also want a small friendly community to join, to enhance my experience no attack of the b-team. where do you live? Uk Have you ever got banned before? No, I allways follow the rules. Fav. mod? Therm
  11. IGN: xbulletx11 Age: 13 But Mature Timezone: GMT (UK) About You: I'm max 13 years old, prefer modded minecraft to vanilla and I play national filed hockey for England Why you Want to Join: For a small fun community to have fun and explore all the mods that forge Attack Of The B-Team, I also want a lag free server where I will not be griefed or harassed by annoying people. What are you good at in this modpack: Building, Thermal Exspansion, Archaeology , Tinkers and Crapenters Blocks. How often will you be on: 4-5 Days a week maybe more if hockey practice isnt on.
  12. Name (No last name, please) : Max Username : xbulletx11 Skype (optional) : Lost my account but I have Teamspeak. Age: 13 But Mature I will follow the rules, and not create any fuss on the server. 2 reasons why do you like to play AOTBT : The main reason why I love "AOTB" is becasue of the ammount of items/mody yiu can do and enjoy playing about with. I love tinkers and Thermal Expansion due to the array of mechanisms and things to create to give you more loot in game.
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