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  1. Bump-> Pack updated to 1.9.4 with CORE changes, also server is online!
  2. Join my server, is a 1.8 moded server with 60+ mods
  3. I only want to say thanks for you support! we are in the version 1.9 of the pack so there is one last update to 2.0!
  4. Good pack bro, check my pack, im doing the same but in 1.8
  5. can you use opis to track the problem? wich chunk is consuming all the resources there is a problem with ender io and other mod that spawn like one millon enderman in the nether
  6. i didnt installed the pack but your problem are entitys (mobs) Install mobcontrol or a mod to control the spawning of mobs. And install fastcraft, also you have to enable fasth math, smooth world and maybe other things and disable other with optifine There is no reason to have less than 50 fps with any modpack in a normal pc
  7. Hi, i am the developer of this pack, it only have survival friendly and quality mods (dont have equivalent exchange or anything like that) The idea is to keep this pack updated with the recent mc versions. It have: -CustomTexturePack -100+ Mods - Complete List Here -Server Pack (if you want i can release it, is the same i use for my server) -Good Performance With Fancy and Fast Graphics -Is Frequently Updated - Currently version 1.15 The link: http://technicpack.net/modpack/era-de-hierro.591576 Oficial Page (spanish): http://www.taringa.net/comunidades/la-era-de-hierro/ Some screenshots:
  8. Universaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal *
  9. The screenchot you posted is confusing, mobs dont spawn on water, your problem is a conflict with the world generation, that island is extrange. Download the recomended version of forge and create a new world. if you are useing ubuntu launch the server with the normal command
  10. I dont know what it is but it doesnt seem to be a problem with chunkloaders, i am not familiar with that mc version and that mods, my server is 1.8
  11. And how do you know which block or entity is crashing the server? I had to delete one region because something was corrupted i have that region file saved
  12. i recomend adjusting the setings of the mods to be faster, for example, mo creatures spawn a lot of mobs but you can limit it to the normal minecraft behaviour so if with vanilla spawn 10 mobs with mo creatres 5 of that mobs will be the ones from mo creatures And dont allow chunk loaders, a chunk loader is just some mb of ram removed from the server
  13. It ask for your login info because if you dont buy minecraft you cant play it Also i dont believe that history of your son, you are a cracked user trying to play mods. Also any mod can stole your login info so you should view the source code of every mod you intall. And i hope that you dont thinks that the oficial forums are "minecraftforum" because that forum is only a cheat comunity And Technick is the best Launcher in the world.
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