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  1. You had me really excited there when you said $5 a month per gb. I went straight to the site to check it out and what I saw was this: $5 a month for 512MB $10 a month for 1GB $20 a month for 2GB $30 a month for 3GB $40 a month for 4GB So there would have to be 8 people pitching in to cover the 4GB server. Which still is not a bad deal at all. Just a little ways from the $5 per GB I was hoping to get. that would be awesome to get a 4GB server for only $20 a month. Guess I am gonna stay where I am at for now.
  2. I am running a tekkit server with only 1GB of ram and I am getting ready to upgrade it. I am currently the only one playing on it right now. It is not enough ram to support just me playing by myself anymore. When I first started the server it ran great for several months and it was just me and a few friends playing on it. 6 players at once is the most I have ever had on it, with no problem. But when I built my HV solar array factory the 1GB is not nearly enough anymore. I can take the server from 80% free ram to 0% free ram in 5min or less if i flip the switch on to my factory. I am also u
  3. I was playing around with high amounts of energy and electrocuted myself with a tesla coil. Only odd thing about it though, is that I had op mode and god mode on lol. wonder if your setup can also kill ops in god mode?
  4. That is what happens to me when I have multiple worlds with Tekkit. If you do have extra world/maps other than the 3 default ones that vanilla Minecraft has, I would then try disabling or removing them and see if that fixes your problem. If you don't have extra worlds then you can try the suggestions in this thread: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/transmutation-tablet-doesnt-work-full-stop.6028/ Such as deleting the tablet file for each player that the problem is affecting, downgrading EE, and making sure the world you want to use the tablet in is set as the default world.
  5. I have the exact same issue on my server. Without using essentials, skylandsPlus, multiverse or any other multi world plugin. I have searched for a solution to the missing ender dragon issue and the only thing I could come up with is to use a bukkit plugin for the ender dragon. I am using Enderdragons+ but I believe there are others. The bukkit plugins also makes the dragon a lot more configurable and respawnable. I have also tried using the enderportalfix that is listed in this thread, and it does not work for our portals we still spawn on the obsidian pad about 700 blocks away. but i
  6. No problem. Glad to hear that you got it working. I never installed mod loader. I know their site says "ModLoader (NOT Forge!)" but I am using it with forge and it seams to be working properly for me. all i did was install WE on the server and then installed WECUI on the client and everything worked great without ModLoader.
  7. I am using: WorldEditCUI v1.2.5 on my client with WorldEdit v5.4.2 on the server It seams to work without any problems. I just get a message when I login with my client that WorldEditCUI is out of date but the newer recommended build will not work with Tekkit, for me.
  8. Search much? If you have a server related question, best to look in the "Server Op Swap Shop" section instead of the general Tekkit section. And if you would of done that, you would of found your answer right there in the sticky labeled "known fixes"
  9. Uh... Yeah... this one is really tricky to find. Here I will help you out. Try checking the first topic of the forum, then the first thread in that topic. A map may help you: forum > Global Rules > Board Rules and Guidelines > 6th bullet point. No asking for ETA's - We are tired of these questions. Updates depend on lots of different things and they happen when they happen. If that is still too confusing for you to find on the forums here is the direct link. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/board-rules-and-guidelines.3918/
  10. I have what appears to be the same problem on my server. I have 4 maps/world: world, the end, nether, and arena. This problem occurs on the world and nether maps but the TT works properly on the end and arena maps. also check your ic2 energy storage units such as the MFS units. the redstone icon in the gui of the MFSU does nothing on the world and nether maps but works properly on the end and arena maps. This started at the exact same time as the TT acting up. I do not use Multi-Verse. I have read that in the forum that this is an issue with the order that worlds are being loaded
  11. Sorry The Merchant of menace not trying to do any backseat modding. Just saying if it was me I would expect a reprimand for being to lazy to do the search myself. I am not asking anybody to actually give him the newbie label. and plus if you are lazy like the op stated. Is it not easier to do a search for "forestry" than it is to make an entire post?
  12. OMG Eytan20. Someday you will figure out what a search button is. If i was you, I would be expecting a nice new pink stupid newbie name and avatar.
  13. I have tried clearing cache and deleting .techniclauncher/launcher flolder and there is no difference. Then tried clearing cache and deleting the entire .techniclauncher folder and still no difference. is this even updated to be able to play 1.2.5 vanilla yet??? edit: I can only start the launcher through the jar and not the exe if that is causing my problems? if so can somebody point me in the right direction?
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