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  1. Skuli how is the progress going? Because i would like to see this become out of Exp State....
  2. https://github.com/TinyModularThings/IC2Classic/releases/tag/ Edit: The update. Please do first some testruns before you push your updates. Its just a bit tested bugs still could be in there... Support is there just tell me whats broken and i fix it.
  3. I am updating IC2 Classic the next couple days (1-2 max 3 days left) if longer then i tell it. But i am almost done and fixed thanks to Rubbertjuh a couple critical bugs and added some new features to other people. So yeah. Note: This update is not 1 side only compatible it has to be updated with both sides
  4. IC2 Classic adds own Converters. The are Called Electric Flux Generators or Flux Generators. I am not sure about that... Which does which direction. But they are cheap and can produce a lot of power and they run smooth..
  5. Hint from the dev. Use the EU reader in one of the mods it tells you how much energy something can accept. Also IC2 Classic adds own converters which are 1 block thing...
  6. That bug is fixed with The problem was the Energynet required a Overhall to fix the average tickrate and all that stuff (which was done before but then there was a chunk/blockUpdate problem which forced chunks in a extreme laggy way (well it did not show up that laggy but if you have a lot of chunks with that loaded then it will lag) loaded. That is fixed with I suggest to update manually...
  7. That was the bug with the cables not connecting anymore on chunkunload and reload... That is fixed with (IC2 C version) I suggest for now to update manually and then the bug should be fixed...
  8. Basic machines accept them. But advanced Machines not because they are already speedup so you do not need them in there...
  9. I tested it on a server with Feed the Beast pack (from mattabase) and it did work fine. The thing is you have to fill the Electrolyzer with Water Cells and the Storage units need to be at i think 80% filled (maybe even higher)
  10. Jup. I know. IC2 Classic is now out. And thanks to a person we trackt that down and it should no longer appear, last time i tried to improve the energynet and thaught that would be fixed with it but this time i did work on this bug specially. What i suggest and sry about that Tekkit modpack makers update manually because i do not know how long it takes to update all this stuff for them. No new configs for that just a bugfix version... It also adds a EMC support. So no longer IC2 Classic has no EMC support... https://github.com/TinyModularThings/IC2Classic/releases/tag/ (IC2 Cl
  11. -.- Well IC2 Exp and Classic are two differend mods. Even they have the same base mods... (IC2)
  12. The update is out and that bug is fixed. Just the modpack requires a update...
  13. That is simply Intendet simply to prevent these Infinite loops and make a little bit more of challange to that. Simply because these Geogens are already FluidHandlers so you can connect FluidPipes directly to it. That will prevent you from Using Lava Bucket auto Systems. Also the Fuel Slot is only there so that you are not forced to have a pump/tank and pipes between them... Manual Work you know. I hope that helps. (IC2 Classic Dev)
  14. Hey. Thats a weird bug. When the miner is getting stuck he should tell you on what. You activate that by simply open and closing the Miner Gui when he is getting stuck. Does that happen? If yes then tell me what he throw into your chat. Maybe i can help. If not then it is a really weird bug. (Recently added world Protection Support so that these plugins can stop the miner) (IC2Classic Dev)
  15. The Converters in PowerConverters you need for LV a MV converter and for MV a HV converter (IC2 Classic Dev)
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