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    planetguy reacted to Kobata in [1.5.x/1.6.2+/1.7.10] Item Renderer   
    I finally got around to dealing with the big keybinding changes done in 1.7 (and forgetting about the mod a bunch after getting annoyed by those):
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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Tekkit (fan?) Art   
    Oh no, I'm whining again.
    I should actually listen to the teacher for once instead of being against everything he says.

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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Tekkit (fan?) Art   
    I made art
    I made doge

    Then I made wolf.

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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Tekkit (fan?) Art   
    Have some doges.


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    planetguy reacted to Lycanite in Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!   
    I never realised Lycanites Mobs was in Hexxit 3! I'm the mod dev behind the mod. I'm always open for feedback and if there's anything I can do to improve things with Hexxit I'd be happy to do so (within reason lol).
    I understand that some people don't agree with the art style of the mod, however it's something a lot of people like too so I wont be changing that, however, the models do support resource packs I think so if anyone wanted to 'blockify' the models, in theory it could be made into a resource pack.
    Anyways as for difficulty, I've made the mod highly configurable so weakening the mobs should be quite easy, their spawning is also highly configurable. Some mobs like the elementals can be quite surprising but they do have their weaknesses, for instance the Geonach from ores are very weak to pickaxes.
    Anyways it's awesome to see my mod make it into Hexxit, though if it's removed I wont take offense to that too as the mod isn't subtle at all lol!
    My Twitter is the best place to contact me too: @Lycanite05
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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Tekkit (fan?) Art   
    Guess who's going to get yelled at for putting my artwork in my book rather than writing about other people and being super deep.
    IT'S ME.
    I don't do real art since I draw cartoons sometimes. I'm not an artist, I'm an illustrator, which for some reason is lower than an artist.
    Thanks teacher for opening my eyes and seeing that I'm a lesser being for drawing something different.

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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Tekkit (fan?) Art   
    fite me

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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Tekkit (fan?) Art   
    I'm done.


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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Tekkit (fan?) Art   
    If you have been following this topic, you have probably heard of DHL (dragonheartluver)
    It's been almost 4 years since she started making the legend of the dove, and there's only 34 pages of it.
    Some examples of the wonderful and inspiring comic:



    The story is still in it's prologue, but what I have read and interpreted, I can make out what the ending would be.
    So I've taken it into my own hands to make a images of what the ending of this wonderful story would be like, A bittersweet apocalypse.
    And so I give you, The end of evandogein.

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    planetguy got a reaction from dwwojcik in [1.7.10] Gizmos v3.1: Flashlights!   
    New version!
    Changelog Added flashlights. They cast a beam of light where you look while you're holding them while they're active. (Right-click to toggle this.) There are two kinds: one is powered by glowstone dust and can be refilled in any crafting table, the other is powered by redstone flux energy and can be refilled by whichever machines provide RF. Added zh_CN localization, thanks to @Mrkwtkr
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    planetguy reacted to Nitus in [1.7.10] The 1.7.10 Pack [Kitchen Sink] Over 1M Downloads! - v0.9.8d   
    Some modders don't like it when people don't suck up to them so they already have lackeys going around and dropping the guillotine on people they think deserve it. For a lot of them, the mods they make grant them the 15 minutes of fame they have always wanted, and they will fight for them with all they have.
    When someone comes out of the wood works, that doesn't ask them for their permission to use their mod, then either one of two things will happen: A - They shut you down faster than you can blink; B - In comes the White Knights protecting the "poor, bullied modders" by throwing feces at you and the people that are with you; C - The modders themselves take action against you.
    This is why I wouldn't be that depressed if Microsoft made up some house rules for modding. There are a lot of them that need to be knocked down a peg and taught a lesson on humility. 
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    planetguy reacted to Neowulf in [1.7.10] The 1.7.10 Pack [Kitchen Sink] Over 1M Downloads! - v0.9.8d   
    If you look, God abandoned the MCforums 3 years ago.
    Sounds about right.
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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Welcome to Skeleton Hell 2K14   



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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Tekkit (fan?) Art   
    toot toot
    pooping out art.


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    planetguy reacted to KakerMix in Technic Platform V2 and Technic Launcher V3   
    We launched ok geeze this topic is filled with old information!

    We are launching on Christmas Day
    Hold on to your butts.
    The new Platform is here: http://beta.technicpack.net/
    The new Launcher is available from here: LauncherV3

    This is a major design and (especially) feature shift from the current system.

    For those of you that make packs you get access to a wealth of social features, update-in-launcher aspects and a very clear line of communication to your users. Your Platform page is now a very robust platform (heh) from which to show off your creation and engage with your users directly.

    For those of you that just play, now you'll have many more ways to interact with pack creators and a voice of your own to highlight packs you like, read what other users are doing, etc.

    Everyone will benefit from the new system, and we hope you guys like it as much as we've loved creating it for you. Please remember that this is not complete and things will be broken. If you find something that doesn't work like you think it should post it here, or come to #platformbeta on SynIRC and let us know. 
    If you already have a Platform account (not the same as your Forums account) just use the same info to log in, remember to use your email instead of your username.
    List of new features: Platform Features: All NEW social features! Ability to follow users and modpacks Ability to post statuses as a user or a modpack owner. Dashboard feed of followed users/modpack posts Community feed of fellow users modpacks Like/Comment/Report posts New search engine powered by elasticsearch Makes it easier to find modpacks on the platform :woot: New algorithm to calculate trending modpacks! DOWN WITH +1 New statistics system for calculating runs and installs Improved back-end code Redesigned Admin console (for us) AND MUCH MORE Launcher Features: ALL NEW DESIGN!!!!! Modpacks Abillity to search for modpacks! Abillity to Install modpacks! View modpack descriptions and status posts! View modpack likes/runs/installs! News View news posts in a newly organized tab Discover View trending, HOT, and new modpacks General Options New selectable language support! (Translators wanted!) Custom Java arguments
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    planetguy reacted to Zlepper in Modpack Helper | Pack modpacks | Check permissions | Upload to web | Update Solder Automatically   
    A little background story first:
    I have been hosting packs and servers for the last few years. A few years ago Technic added support for allowing us to host custom modpacks. This was  awesome and I went ahead almost the moment it happened. This was still the time of big and heavy zip files.
    Then came along Solder. Solder helped us destributing files one at a time.
    It took me almost a year to get it working from when I started attempting to use it. I did however get it working, back in June I think it was.
    All was well, though I quite quickly discovered that packing files for Solder was quite the hasle.
    So being the enormous lazy guy I am I sat down one Tuesday and made a script that could pack all the files for me.
    Nice i thought, the only problem was that I had to enter modname, modversion and minecraft version for each and every mod... And having a 150 files modpack that certainly wasn't boring
    So I had what the h**k and turned it into an actual program, that could figure out most of the important stuff like name, version and mcversion.
    Since then I added quite a few extra things I thought was necesarry, like only packing updated mods, checking permissions, including forge and configs.
    So enough with the story:
    Solder Helper
    The result of all this is something I thought others could make use of, so that's why I decided to share it with you guys here, since i'm likely not the only one who has been pretty bored with updating.
    Core features:
    Create packs for either Solder or just normal zip packs. Create FTB Packs and get permission lists Include any forge version you wishes, just choose from the application. Include configs Check permissions if you wishes so (Highly encouraged) Both private and public. Get permission list in a nice text format Get a list nice and simple list of all packed mods Runs on both Linux and Windows Get modlist Include unarchieved mods Include stuff like the script folder from Minetweaker Automatically upload Solder Files to an FTP host Automatically update your modpacks on your solder install Automatically upload Solder Files to Amazon S3 services With all the improvement it's shouldn't take more than a minute to pack all your files for distribution.
    The program is OpenSource and can be found on github.
    For Windows the installer can be found here. This installer also included an autoupdater for when I add additional features.
    This uses about 10 MB of space total.
    For Linux just do the following and you can find the program in your home directory:
    curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zlepper/TechnicSolderHelper/master/TechnicSolderHelper/install.sh | bash It can be done from from anywhere, though you have to use the terminal, then the installer script takes care of the rest.
    WARNING: It will use quite a lot extra space, since it requires mono to be installed, about 250 MB. However the installation of mono is included in the script.
    To run the program just navigate into the install directory and look for the file called "Run SolderHelper.sh"
    To update it just run the "update.sh" file.
    Planned features:
    Support for FTB packs Added Support for AT Launcher packs Autoupload to FTP servers Added Autoupdate of the actual Technic Solder installs, so you don't have to enter versions each time. Added Creation of a modlist you can paste in places like Technic ads Added Creation of a complete permissionlist. Added (Would be nice if we could format things in the pack configs, but that's for another time) Bugs
    I expect a few bugs here and there. If you happen to stumble into any the program will create a crash report on your desktop. If you could report the issue on github and include the crashlog, and what you were doing I would be very grateful, and will try to fix issues ASAP.
    There shouldn't be any dangerous bugs, but incase anything goes wrong I'm not responsible for it.
    If you decide to use the mysql function of the program, be warned: You have to open a port to your MySQL server, which is a major security risk.
    It is recommended you create an ssh tunnel to connect to the remote server:
    ssh -L 3306:hostname:3306 [email protected] The syntax is
    ssh -L <localport>:hostname:<remoteport> <username>@<servername> The you can point Modpack Helper to localhost and everything should work securely.
    If you have a question to ask, just write in this thread, or find me on the Technic Discord Server.
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    planetguy reacted to ShinyMew1256 in More Bows 2 started updating to 1.7.10   
    As the title says, i have started working on porting the mod to 1.7.10 Unfortunately since it had to be pretty much rewritten from scratch, only half the bows are in there so far(reinforced, iron, golden and crystal) Here is the link to the mc forums thread if you want to check it out: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/2246038-beta-more-bows-2
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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Tekkit (fan?) Art   
    I'm not dead, I've just been working on my IWB:
    Whole gallery is here because i don't want to flood the whole thread with bad pictures.
    I need a better camera
    Or actually take the time to scan them.
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    planetguy got a reaction from disconsented in [1.7.10] Remain in Motion - Continuation of Redstone in Motion   
    New version up! This one fixes structures getting stuck if the server exits while they're moving. It'll even fix existing stuck things.
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    planetguy reacted to bilde2910 in YAMPST - Collect statistics and crashes, and notify your players when your pack updates   
    YAMPST - The mod for collecting modpack statistics!
    Ask yourself the following questions:
    Do you want to know how many people play with your pack? Do you want to resolve unknown crashes in your modpack? Have you ever wished to be able to send a message to all your modpack users when there's a critical bug, cool news or a new version of your pack available? If you answered YES to one or more of the questions above, then I think this mod might be for you.
    YAMPST is a Forge mod available for 1.6.4, 1.7.2 and 1.7.10, undergoing active development on all three versions. The sole purpose of this mod is to collect statistics and crashes for modpacks, which is something modpack devs have been struggling with for a while (yes, I know Technic has statistics, but they seem to be a little.. buggy, at times). An added bonus of the mod as of version 1.2 (which all statistics trackers from YAMPST are by default now) is the ability to inform your users of various news, like:
    When your modpack updates Warn users about a critical bug Wish them a merry Christmas And much more.
    YAMPST is a collaboration project between me and Commador, and is open-source.
    YAMPST is licensed under the LGPL v3, and its code can be reviewed at http://code.yampst.net/. Unlike GPL, which doesn't allow linking with non-GPL software, LGPL lets you use our mod together with Minecraft. You can do whatever you want with it, as long as you abide by LGPL v3.
    You can easily log in to a website to see all your collected statistics and crashes.
    Our web interface at http://yampst.net/ lets you easily check out statistics in neat graphs. You can also download crash reports, one by one, or all of them in one big file.
    We're doing volunteer work, and are open to suggestions! If you have any questions, concerns or stories to tell, we're open to listening
    We don't want to be a huge, scary corporation. We're open to feedback of any kind Just ask in this topic, in #YAMPST on irc.esper.net, on the Minecraft Forums thread or at the contact page and http://varden.info/contact.php and we'll get back up you as soon as we can!
    YAMPST is different from other mods in that it cannot just be downloaded right away. In order to use, or try, YAMPST, you'll have to register an account at http://yampst.net/register and log in. Then, give us the name of your modpack and some basic info, and  then you can download the mod! Don't worry about this, it's really easy. The reason you have to register is that you need to be able to manage your own modpacks, keep statistics private if you want, etc. and using a user account system is the easiest way to do that.
    Important info to users of modpacks with this mod
    This mod will send back information to YAMPST's servers with anonymous statistics. If your game crashes, the crash report will be sent as well to assist the modpack developer in fixing the crash for you. The game will also look for new notifications from the modpack developer (referred to as "alerts"). We do not collect statistics for these alerts and no one will know how many (or who) received alerts on their clients. If you at any time want to opt out of any of these features, you can do so at http://yampst.net/optout .
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    planetguy reacted to Melfice in Kerbal Space Program   
    Do you want to stay completely stock?
    If you don't, check out BD Armory.
    Pretty cool weapons mod with a variety of explosive devices and things that go ratatatatatatatatata! very neatly.
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    planetguy got a reaction from Lethosos in [Concept] Enterprise Energy Engineering - end-game RF mod   
    Ever wished there was more you could do with RF, once you're flying around with your resonant jetpack and have flux tools for everything under the sun?
    Enter Enterprise Energy Engineering: an epic explosion of end-game energy equipment.
    This mod would add a few machines, which would function quite differently from (AFAIK) anything else out there. Instead of accepting power incrementally over some time and pausing if they run out, they would require it to be supplied all in one gigantic burst - any other power is not enough to do anything. Other RF mods' energy infrastructure is not set up to provide power in huge bursts, so there are a few new infrastructure components:
    Capacitors: Capacitors are multiblock structures built from two sheets of electrodes, one input side and one output side, separated by a 1-block layer of something non-conductive. Primitive capacitors can be built with common materials or even air, but there will be materials that provide increased capacity. They can be charged or drained from any RF system, but unlike Thermal Expansion's equipment they impose no per-tick transfer limit. Extra-High-Capacity Cable: Unlimited-transfer capacitors are useful, but there's really not a whole lot you can do without an unlimited-transfer cable. Enter EHC Cables. These bad boys take up a full block, since anything less would vaporize itself if you tried to stick two billion RF through them in one tick. Fast-acting Switches: Suppose your machine needs 1M RF in a single tick. You're not going to get anywhere if your capacitor constantly tries to discharge its full capacity into your machine each tick. These allow you to block all current flow until the specified amount of RF is immediately available, and are fast enough to allow Infrastructure is all well and good if it supports something of interest, and that's where these machines come in. Unless otherwise stated, all of them are 3x3x3 solid cube multiblocks - these are the sort of equipment that deserves the extra scale. They are built out of a single block per machine, as opposed to multiple different types of block.
    Vaporizer: Requires burst power. Instantly vaporizes blocks for a cool 1M RF apiece, for use in utility machines. Utility machines can be placed on top of the vaporizer. If they can use the vaporized material given to them, they do; otherwise they pass it upwards until it is vented out the top. Vapour vented cools into one ingot/item of the thing originally inserted - a piece of iron ore would make an iron ingot, for example. The utility machines require a one-time injection of refrigerant (gelid cryotheum) when they first built. They do not require burst power, but use RF when cooling something down. They are: Condenser: Requires refrigerant (gelid cryotheum) to be added when it is first built. Does not require burst power, but uses large amounts of RF. Converts vaporized ores into 9 ingots apiece. High-Pressure Deposition Chamber: Requires refrigerant (gelid cryotheum) to be added when it is first built. Does not require burst power, but uses large amounts of RF. Crystallizes vaporized things around a seed item. Recipes: Diamond block: Deposit a coal block onto a diamond seed. Emerald block: Deposit a lapis block onto an emerald seed. Nether Quartz block: Deposit cobblestone onto nether quartz. Low-Pressure Deposition Chamber: Deposits vaporized materials onto a substrate. Gamma-Ray Mirror: Deposit a silver ingot onto an iron pressure plate. Sample Gamma-Ray Emitter: Shoots a beam of deadly gamma rays with a 300K RF pulse, suitable for incinerating mobs, shattering blocks and generally making a mess. Can be redirected with gamma-ray mirrors, or used by certain machines, such as the... Molecular Decomposition Spectrum Analyzer: Requires ~10K RF per analysis, not necessarily in one burst. Uses gamma ray beams from an external source to knock the particles out of an object (destroying it in the process) and guesses the object's structure based on whatever spews out. Note that, while it is theoretically possible to copy an item from one sample, you will encounter much greater success if you average many samples. Some items, particularly complicated ones or those involving nested items (or those blacklisted in the config) may simply be impossible to sample accurately. Each item has a real hash and N (configurable, default 4?) decoy hashes - the real hash is uniquely identifiable per item; the decoys are not. (Hashes are dependent on the world seed, so that you can't just Google them on the Internet, and are not reversible - you can't write out the item you want and have the hash appear.) When an item is scanned, characters are selected randomly, 1/N from the real hash and the rest from any one decoy hash, and combined into a sample. This scanned data must then be processed on a computer (OC, CC, or if neither of those are installed, a sample compositing ASIC would be craftable) into average samples, which reflect the item well enough to reconstruct it. Since 1/N of all data comes from each key, you can't just average all your samples - your real hash will look like any other - so you must separate the samples by decoy key. You can share samples with other players. This adds a more interesting dynamic to computers - they might have very valuable data to steal - and makes information that is only valuable in-game. Molecular Reconstruction Chamber: Witness the full potential of E=MC2. Given a high-quality (or at least recognizable, though this risks failure) sample of an item, this machine can replicate it - for a mind-bending 1 BILLION RF BURST! Best get to work on those capacitors and generators. (Just how much is 1 billion RF? If you were inclined to do so, you could generate it with one TE steam engine running at full capacity in around 7.234 days of real-life time by burning 3125 charcoal blocks.) Balance justification: In my opinion, anything you can get enough to precisely sample, you can get in any needed quantity given enough repetitions of the same tasks. If you're willing to pay I'd consider it fair to allow you to sidestep the intermediate grinding to acquire another. Items that have additional data may not be replicated, so you can't duplicate, say, a carried chest full of canvas bags full of unobtainium. If you as a modpack maker consider an item to be worth more than 1 billion RF, there will be a blacklist so that you can restrict its duplication. Sample Compositing ASIC: The raw data from a Molecular Decomposition Spectrum Analyzer is more or less useless without some number crunching. These things will handle that for you - toss your samples in, and a best-guess composite sample will be returned.  
    Anything that uses or transports huge amounts of RF (over 100K per tick or so) invariably leaks some of the energy. Players run the risk of electrocution (fluxtrocution?) if they stand too close without either a full set of protective leather clothing or some very serious insulation.
    So far, the only thing I've implemented is some multiblock structure utility code - all of this is open to suggestions.
    The mod is open-source here.
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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Welcome to Skeleton Hell 2K14   
    Get down with the sickness.

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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Welcome to Skeleton Hell 2K14   
    You can never leave.


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    planetguy reacted to Soupa in Welcome to Skeleton Hell 2K14   
    Welcome to spook-o-ween  

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