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  1. I helped fix his problem in my discord ^^ Forgot to say it here. It was the delete enderstorage folder fix.
  2. I run the Blightfall jar to start the server and after a bit it crashes throwing this at me. https://pastebin.com/J3gszG8T
  3. Hey guys, Silent here. I'm looking for a group to play BlightFall with. Possibly Omega? Not sure yet. Whether new or experienced I'm just looking to play. Recording might, MIGHT, be a thing but probably not. Yes I want people that are 17+ or just mature. Yes a mic is necessary for Discord, TS, or Skype. Any other question about the play through, just ask. PS: TC is my shit so... Ya.
  4. Haha this looks amazing! I wish I could code but I can offer encouragment XD If this mod was made I would definetly use it!
  5. Minecraft In-Game name? SpencerHebert Age? 17 What country do you live in? USA Do you have/use Skype? Yes Do you have/use Teamspeak? No, but I cant try to get it. Will you be streaming or Uploading to Youtube? Nope. If so, Channel/Stream Name? Read previous answer/question. Do you enjoy building or just playing? Why not both!? *Mexican Music Begins Playing In Background* Acceptance of server rules? I will follow the rules of course.
  6. IGN: SpencerHebert First Name: Maligno or Doc, there are quiet a few but no one really use my actual name (My ign if you haven't guessed) Skype: I haz Age: 17 Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: Uh hi? Well I'd enjoy being able to play on a server that, like stated in your post, has no drama and etc. because I just want to play the game with people and not have to worry about people being @ssholes and then turning my ideas which can represented by a cheese wheel being turned into swiss cheese . So ya I just want to have fun and relax on a server with out all the greifers and etc so I can become better at this modpack. Another thing I hope to avoid is bad staff... The literally biggest of my pet peeves on servers.... But anyway thanks for reading..... and I hope this wasn't too cheesey?... Cheese... Edit: Wow... I forgot I had that profile picture o.o I havent been using this account for way too long XD
  7. I must say I am looking forward to trying your server. I'll tell ya what I think afterward.
  8. Wow. This is post doesn't make sense. Look it had just came out. Coding is a very hard thing to do ok? If you want all the mods now then go program them yourself! Because unlike you. The creators of the mods actually have a life.
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