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  1. Good server, good Admins, and amazingly funny Players! This server doesn't lie about what it says.
  2. Name/Nickname: Joshua IGN:MalcolmBlue Age:13 Time Zone: GMT (-6:00) Will you use Ventrilo? (to talk / interact with the community):Yeah. Will you be a dedicated player on our server? Yes I will be! Why should we add you/a little bit about yourself: I'd love to join a new server! My current one that I go on is almost always having problems with the connection. So I'm now looking for a new one. This one seems cool. I am not a person who trolls either, nor grief. I love tekkit and I hope to love this server if I get whitelisted!
  3. Yoooodewwwwd. Nice profile pic dewwwd... Chill mannnn..

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      I wonder what he was smoking?

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      I was smoking Jersey Shore.

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      That explains everything.

  4. Staff Application IGN:MalcolmBlue Age:13 Location (country):United States Have you ever been banned from another server, if yes explain briefly?:Yes, I will not lie. I have been banned various times. Due to me going on different servers. I've been playing since 1.3. I've also been on at least 600+ servers in my entire life. Most bans are for not getting along. Have you signed up on our forums/website (not required to!)?:No Skype:JoshuaXedos Staff position:Moderator Why you should be a part of this staff?:I think I'd do well with a moderator job. Admin's a bit too
  5. I would have applied, but you never told us what your skype is...next time read your post before posting..
  6. Ingame Name:MalcolmBlue Age:13 Tekkit Experience (Yes, No):Yes, I started playing one month ago. I know most of IC2 and BC. I'm a bit new at RP2 and RC. Amount Played (If Yes):1 month Tell us why you would like to play on our server (Multiple Sentences Please):Well, I honestly am tired of going into servers who full out lie about their future plans and how they care for each player, but I'm willing to give this one a try. The fact that you have some sort of votekick option amazes me, as I have not seen that before in my entire minecraft life! (ever since beta 1.3) I also heard
  7. In game name:MalcolmBlue Age?:14 Why?:I haven't played tekkit in a while. What time zone do you live in?: Central (-6.00) How long will you be able to play?:4-8 hours. Maybe less sometimes Have you ever been banned?: I'm not going to lie like most people. I have been banned Quite alot. THis is due to me being on multiple servers during my minecraft life. If you seriously expect people to not lie about how many times they have been banned, and trust something like mcbans...I Worry for you. I have been banned at least 350 times. Only twice for griefing. At heart I'm a minecraft expert,
  8. Excuse me but I seem to not be able to get in, can you check if i'm on the whitelist? MalcolmBlue
  9. Minecraft Username:MalcolmBlue Age:13 Have you ever been banned, if so, why? Alot of times, maybe over 300. one time :Due to getting griefed by multiple people. Who then told the admin I griefed them. What do you plan to do on the server:Build, Explore, make new friends.. What is your previous experience with tekkit:Not very much. I do know 55% of tekkit already though.
  10. In Game NameMalcolmBlue Age13 Country United States Reason or Reasons for wanting to join Tired of playing Killing Floor, Garry's mod, and Hotline miami. Want to play some good ol' tekkit. Your Tekkit experience I know most of tekkit. I'm not too good at redpower nor do I know very much about it. I know NOTHING about Railcraft. Do you have a Microphone? No,sorry. Are you will to use Teamspeak or Vent? Sure. I'd prefer Teamspeak What other games do you play?I play alot of games. Such as Killing floor, Garr
  11. Minecraft name:MalcolmBlue Age: 13 Experience:Played minecraft since 1.3. Know 65% of tekkit. Why you want to join:Have nothing else to do. + seems like a awesome server to join.
  12. In game name:MalcolmBlue Age: 13 Years old. Location: Alabama Minecraft experience to date: I've played minecraft in 1.3. And I decided to buy it in 1.7.3. I know most of the mechanics and items in Minecraft. Why do you want to play on our server?: Not very much else to do. And the way you detailed your server just tells me I might as well give it a shot. Because Tekkit Singleplayer is a bit ...Lonely. I must inform you that I do not get along well with trolls, and I hope none of those will be here. I'm looking for a good gaming community that won't troll me 24/7 and make me leave the server p
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