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  1. IGN:exdude122 Age:14 Why:I have been looking for a good server to play on and i have always enjoyed small whitelist servers
  2. Age:14 IGN:exdude122 Skype:exdudek youtube Channel:Dont have one How often will you play on the server:As much as i can Are you willing to play fair:Of course i will
  3. Minecraft name:exdude122 Where are you from:Domincan Republic Why are you applying:Because i want to play on a server with a nice community where i dont have to worry about other players as much how well do you know this modpack:Ive played with it a bit so i'm not to shaby How old are you:(under 18) How often do you think youll be on the server 2-3 hours on the weekdays and 5 or more on the weekend
  4. whitelist application: Who are you:i am exdude122 (ign:exdude122) Where are you from:Dominican republic How old are you:14 Why do you want to play on our server:I have wanted to play multiplayer on this modpack for some time now so i want to try it here What do you think you can offer our server:I'm a nice person that will always help out Who was your favorite power ranger:red
  5. name: Khalil minecraft username:exdude122 age: 12 how long have you been playing minecraft: almost a year how long have you been playing tekkit or technic: half a year how much you play minecraft per week: about everyday why do you want play on this server: because im looking for a nice server to play since the last server I played on changed to ftb what are your favorite things about minecraft: the building, adventure, mining, and everything else I didn't mention about it do you have Skype and a microphone: yes Skype no microphone :(
  6. ingame name:exdude122 reason of joining:need a server that i can play on with not that many items banned experience:a few months age:16 favorite mod:a mix of redpower,ee,ic2,buildcraft,and railcraft
  7. dear koolscource ive been on the server lately and what happened was that when i typed a message it had said my meesage and below it said no one hears you can you explain that to me and please fix it from exdude122
  8. diffeIn game name:exdude122 do you have skype:yes age:16 country/timezone:new york city what do you like most about tekkit:just the mixe of all the good mods and the science and magic have you been other tekkit servers?if so why did you leave:yes but that servers economy was taken over by many different people so i had to leave becuase i wanted to rise up with others and there i wouldnt make it what are you good at:tekkit i know lots of some stuff what kind of buildings do you make:houses,and factories how long have you been playing minecraft:5 months how often will you be on:mostly o
  9. minecraft username:exdude122 age:11 timezone/country:usa new york what do you plan to do on tekkit:build my factory and have some fun with friends and make stuff by the time you see this ill problay already have a acount on your website ps i have never seen a server that can hold that many people espassily a tekkit server
  10. 1.minecarft name:exdude122 2.your age:11 3.general lococation on earth:new york city 4.ideal resource and starting biome:jungle/desert with cactis,melons,pumpkins,and oil to have around for looks.Also maybe some animals around and some mushrooms and some rubber trees every one needs them 5.general description of ideal playstyle:having a nice tent to start in with tekkit basic and resources and some basic starting machines that ill hook up and nice supplies to start off with nothing to over powerd thanks for your time to look over this
  11. dear blacklife while i was on the server one time and i made a philosephers stone and once i left the server twice i look in to my inventory and the stone is gone can you please tell me why it happened and help fix it
  12. In game usename: exdude122 Age:16 Country:usa why would you join our community?:to paly on a server that i dont have to worry about greifing If you want to join, explain how you will help us, if help is needed?:i will build anything donate and watch for griefers Did you agree to all the rules?:yes To prove that you read all the rules, how many rules are there?:there are 5 rules Will you be kind to our community:yes i will be kind to everyone Is there anything else we need to no:none execept i would whatever i'm told to do when help is needed i understand if
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