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Random server freeze ups. Help?

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This is starting to worry me. At seemingly random times, my server just freezes up. Everyone gets kicked with "read time out" errors and then nobody can log in. I doubt this is a Tekkit bug, otherwise it would be all over the bugs forum, so I'm posting it here.

I'm guessing it's a plugin conflicting or something. The log below mentions Ender Chests a lot so I'm guessing it has to do with that mod, but I don't wanna disable the whole mod. Again, I'm thinking it's an issue with my particular situation and not any of the mods. Maybe someone else has had a different experience?

I'm running Tekkit 3.0.4 on a Slackware 13.37 machine. I actually switched to another computer (both have the same OS) after a series of short spanned freeze ups, but now they've started again. Here is a log from the latest freeze up:

2012-06-12 16:30:32 [iNFO] Read timed out

2012-06-12 16:30:32 [sEVERE] java.net.SocketException: Socket closed

2012-06-12 16:30:32 [sEVERE]    at java.net.SocketOutputStream.socketWrite(Unknown Source)

2012-06-12 16:30:32 [sEVERE]    at java.net.SocketOutputStream.write(Unknown Source)

2012-06-12 16:30:32 [sEVERE]    at java.io.BufferedOutputStream.flushBuffer(Unknown Source)

2012-06-12 16:30:32 [sEVERE]    at java.io.BufferedOutputStream.flush(Unknown Source)

2012-06-12 16:30:32 [sEVERE]    at java.io.DataOutputStream.flush(Unknown Source)

2012-06-12 16:30:32 [sEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkWriterThread.run(SourceFile:103)

2012-06-12 16:30:32 [iNFO] gameloozer lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream

2012-06-12 16:30:38 [sEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException

2012-06-12 16:30:38 [sEVERE]    at codechicken.enderstorage.BlockEnderChest.blockStrength(BlockEnderChest.java:185)

2012-06-12 16:30:38 [sEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.c(ItemInWorldManager.java:83)

2012-06-12 16:30:38 [sEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.EntityPlayer.F_(EntityPlayer.java:144)

2012-06-12 16:30:38 [sEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.World.entityJoinedWorld(World.java:1282)

2012-06-12 16:30:38 [sEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.WorldServer.entityJoinedWorld(WorldServer.java:107)

2012-06-12 16:30:38 [sEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.World.playerJoinedWorld(World.java:1264)

2012-06-12 16:30:38 [sEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.World.tickEntities(World.java:1165)

2012-06-12 16:30:38 [sEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(MinecraftServer.java:547)

2012-06-12 16:30:38 [sEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:453)

2012-06-12 16:30:38 [sEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:492)

2012-06-12 16:30:38 [sEVERE] Unexpected exception


    at codechicken.enderstorage.BlockEnderChest.blockStrength(BlockEnderChest.java:185)

    at net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.c(ItemInWorldManager.java:83)

    at net.minecraft.server.EntityPlayer.F_(EntityPlayer.java:144)

    at net.minecraft.server.World.entityJoinedWorld(World.java:1282)

    at net.minecraft.server.WorldServer.entityJoinedWorld(WorldServer.java:107)

    at net.minecraft.server.World.playerJoinedWorld(World.java:1264)

    at net.minecraft.server.World.tickEntities(World.java:1165)

    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(MinecraftServer.java:547)

    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:453)

    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:492)

2012-06-12 16:34:06 [iNFO] Read timed out

2012-06-12 16:35:13 [iNFO] Read timed out

2012-06-12 16:35:49 [iNFO] Read timed out

2012-06-12 16:41:03 [iNFO] Read timed out

2012-06-12 16:41:27 [iNFO] Read timed out

2012-06-12 16:45:23 [iNFO] Read timed out

2012-06-12 16:46:18 [iNFO] Read timed out

2012-06-12 16:47:05 [iNFO] Read timed out

2012-06-12 16:51:03 [iNFO] Read timed out

2012-06-12 16:55:20 [iNFO] Read timed out

I can do save-all and stop once I realize what has happened, so nothing is lost, but it's still obviously a problem. On a side note, the list command from the console still shows all the players online.

Now for details. I'm running the following plugins:

  • BookWorm
  • Campfire
  • Chairs
  • DisableCraft
  • Essentials & EssentialsSpawn
  • Factions
  • LagMeter
  • mChatSuite
  • MobBounty Reloaded
  • MobCatcher
  • NoobKit
  • PermissionsBukkit
  • PickBoat
  • SimpleTips
  • VanishNoPacket
  • Vault
  • WeatherRestrictions
  • WorldEdit (AlienX's version for Tekkit)
  • WorldGuard (AlienX's version for Tekkit)

I'm not running any custom mods besides stock Tekkit. I have removed EE and NEI and I have updated IC2 to the latest version, but that latter change was made after the crashes started happening. It should be noted that I had a similar problem with WirelessRedstone's trackers and jammers, but there are two or so threads about that in the bugs forum. I have already disabled the recipes for these items and the error log is somewhat different, but it's pretty much the same effect.

Thanks in advance!

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Have you tried to temporarly remove all plugins? Try that and if that works fine, try adding a plugin and test it, then if that works add another plugin and........ etc. You got the point right? Try adding them one for one. It's tedious, but it works.

I've done that before. The problem is I can't reproduce the bug at will in this case. Now it hasn't crashed in over 12 hours, and chances are it won't do it again in a few days. And when it does, it will crash 3 or 4 times in a day. I did try removing all non-essential plugins (around a quarter of those gone) and it still crashed shortly after.

Because of the frequency and the timing of the crashes, I believe it could be a particular player or a particular area of the world causing the problem. Said player keeps trying to log in but gets disconnected and crashes the server, tries again in a few hours, gives up and tries again in a few days, etc.

Right now I'm just hoping for other people with similar problems to show up so at least I know I'm not alone...

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I'm getting similar problems and we are just 2 players (my brother and myself), and the crash happens randomly, sometimes we can play for 5-6 hrs without problems, then suddenly, it crash every 10-15 minutes. Its always the same error, SourceFile:103 not sure what it is, if its the Nether Chest, we don't use them and don't have crafted them at all.

17.06 12:47:54 [Disconnect] User ?????? has disconnected, reason: disconnect.endOfStream

17.06 12:47:54 [server] SEVERE at net.minecraft.server.NetworkWriterThread.run(SourceFile:103)

17.06 12:47:54 [server] SEVERE at java.io.DataOutputStream.flush(Unknown Source)

17.06 12:47:54 [server] SEVERE at java.io.BufferedOutputStream.flush(Unknown Source)

17.06 12:47:54 [server] SEVERE at java.io.BufferedOutputStream.flushBuffer(Unknown Source)

17.06 12:47:54 [server] SEVERE at java.net.SocketOutputStream.write(Unknown Source)

17.06 12:47:54 [server] SEVERE at java.net.SocketOutputStream.socketWrite(Unknown Source)

17.06 12:47:54 [server] SEVERE java.net.SocketException: Socket closed

17.06 12:47:54 [server] INFO Read timed out

17.06 12:38:02 [server] INFO Sending serverside check to: ??????

For info I got the Bukkit Plugins :







All of them in their latest version on June 10th 2012 when I switched my server from default Bukkit to a Tekkit (same host, just wiped everything except the backups and started on the Tekkit Server with brand new files for the plugins and such)

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  • 3 weeks later...

im running no pluguns have tryed reinstalling the launcher and the server and i get this...

04.07 09:44:58 [server] INFO Adding Material: 177:X177

04.07 09:44:58 [server] INFO Adding Material: 138:X138

04.07 09:44:58 [server] INFO Adding Material: 1263:X1263

04.07 09:44:58 [server] INFO Adding Material: 1262:X1262

04.07 09:44:58 [server] INFO Adding Material: 1261:X1261

04.07 09:44:58 [server] INFO Adding Material: 1260:X1260

04.07 09:44:58 [server] INFO Adding Material: 137:X137

04.07 09:44:58 [server] INFO Adding Material: 136:X136

04.07 09:44:58 [server] INFO Adding Material: 1259:X1259

04.07 09:44:58 [server] INFO Adding Material: 1331:X1331

04.07 09:44:58 [server] INFO Adding Material: 1334:X1334

04.07 09:44:58 [server] INFO Adding Material: 1258:X1258

04.07 09:44:58 [server] INFO Adding Material: 1257:X1257

04.07 09:44:58 [server] INFO Adding Material: 1256:X1256

04.07 09:44:58 [Multicraft] Skipped 205 lines due to rate limit (30/s)

04.07 09:44:57 [server] INFO Adding Material: 27558:X27558

04.07 09:44:57 [server] INFO Adding Material: 27557:X27557

04.07 09:44:57 [server] INFO Adding Material: 27542:X27542

04.07 09:44:57 [server] INFO Adding Material: 27571:X27571

04.07 09:44:57 [server] INFO Adding Material: 27540:X27540

04.07 09:44:57 [server] INFO Adding Material: 27539:X27539

04.07 09:44:57 [server] INFO Adding Material: 27550:X27550

04.07 09:44:57 [server] INFO Adding Material: 27551:X27551

04.07 09:44:57 [server] INFO Adding Material: 27552:X27552

04.07 09:44:57 [server] INFO Adding Material: 27549:X27549

04.07 09:44:57 [server] INFO Adding Material: 27554:X27554

04.07 09:44:57 [server] INFO Adding Material: 27555:X27555

04.07 09:44:57 [server] INFO Adding Material: 27548:X27548

04.07 09:44:57 [server] INFO Adding Material: 27545:X27545

04.07 09:44:57 [server] INFO Adding Material: 27547:X27547

04.07 09:44:57 [Multicraft] Skipped 302 lines due to rate limit (30/s)

04.07 09:44:56 [server] INFO Loading mods from /home/minecraft/multicraft/servers/server183/mods

04.07 09:44:56 [server] INFO Forge Mod Loader version @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] for Minecraft @[email protected] loading

04.07 09:44:56 [server] INFO Starting minecraft server version 1.2.5

04.07 09:44:56 [server] INFO 27 achievements

04.07 09:44:56 [server] INFO 182 recipes

04.07 09:44:55 [Multicraft] Loaded config for "Tekkit 3.0.4 Server"

04.07 09:44:55 [Multicraft] Starting Minecraft!

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