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How do I block nukes?

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Hi, I am an avid minecrafter and have just come across this new box o' tricks called "tekkit". After playing around with it I found a few deadly blocks (such as nukes) and i would like to be able to stop them from destroying the landscape. is there any way to prevent these dangerous blocks like iTNT & nukes from dealing block damage. Please note that as I am new to tekkit, I do not know of any other deadly blocks that I should know of so feel free to treat me like a n00b (I do however know all the bits & bobs to do with the standard bukkit server)!

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I've also tried blocking nukes to no avail. Worldguard doesn't seem to block them, got my permissionsex setup like this:


    - modifyworld.items.place.237

    - modifyworld.items.pickup.237

    - modifyworld.items.use.237

    - modifyworld.items.have.237

    - modifyworld.items.pickup.239

    - modifyworld.items.use.239

    - modifyworld.items.have.239

    - modifyworld.blocks.place.239


Industrial TNT doesn't work not but nukes still do.


Here is my worldguard setup:






[239] <---- ITNT





[237] <--- Nukes



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You need to actually deny the permissions to have/place a nuke. All you did was GIVE them those permissions. Add an extra minus in front of those permissions (Without a space between the node and the minus), and you should be fine. Also, WorldGuard actually has to be enabled.

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Got it working for Newcomer by adding the -, thank you :)

However it doesn't seem to be inheriting onto Members.


    default: false


    - Newcomer

    prefix: '&b[Member]&f'


    - modifyworld.*

    - modifyworld.mobtarget.monster.creeper

    - modifyworld.chat

    - modifyworld.

    - essentials.tpa

    - supplysign.access

    - essentials.me

    - essentials.tpdeny

    - essentials.tpaccept

    - essentials.home

    - essentials.sethome

    - essentials.spawn

    - commandhelper.alias.user

    - lwc.protect


      rank: '3'

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stop them from destroying the landscape

In your Tekkit server folder you will find the config folder in which are a great deal of the configs for the various mods in tekkit.

Inside the IC2.cfg (open with text editor) you will find the below entry.

# Explosion power of a nuke, where TNT is 4

explosionPowerNuke=0.0 <-------- set it to that.

Hope i helped.

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  • 2 months later...

Cool, is anyone able to provide a full list of things that it is best to remove from the server (not just the nukes)

Things that will kill the landscape:



normal TNT if Equivalent Exchange 2 is enabled, as EE2 allows conversion of enough of anything into TNT (or diamonds, or nearly whatever else), 1 diamond is worth around 8 TNT.

6-axis flying quarry machines using force-fields or block-breakers, but they just mine it away in a precise fashion, costing a, mostly, appropriate amount of resources.

while not all that deadly to terrain under most conditions, mining lasers set to "explode," "scatter" or "long-range" do a lot of damage, long range makes a long hole, in fact, if pointed down, it will likely kill the firer from fall damage. Explode makes a small area be exploded, when fired rapidly, allows for quick and efficient mountain-crushing. or jagged tunnel boring. when set to scatter, it will leave 25 pock-marked holes in the ground, rather annoying to clean up, and certainly the messiest mode of all. scatter, however, will completely consume the mining laser's energy in 20 shots, the other two, in 40, normally, it will be able to fire many more shots 500 or so per charge (which is 200,000 EU).

Nova catalyst, pretty much slightly more destructive ITNT, but with no lag caused by drops, equivalent explosion power is slightly more than ITNT, but basically, it is equal exchange TNT.

Nova cataclysm, in between the power of nukes and TNT, often considered to be the "nuke" of EE2, but it is significantly less powerful than the default blast power of a nuke, about half the blast radius underground. like a nuke however, it is capable of destroying water, has roughly half the underground explosion cavity diameter of a nuke, nukes have 20-21, where as Nova cataclysms have only 10 or so.

In terms of block damage, nova cataclysms can destroy obsidian, but fail to break reinforced stone at point-blank. They get through 2 layers of end-stone or basalt bricks. but fail to penetrate a third.

however, under the same conditions, the nuke got through 1 layer of reinforced stone, broke the obsidian 2 layers deep, as it did with the end-stone, but rather perplexingly, it got through 4 layers of basalt brick.

The catalytic lens and the destruction catalyst are extremely powerful, able to break a 3x3x64 or 3x3x16 at full power setting, this costs a few glow-stone dust, but since they drop nice black orbs full of items, it is easily worth it. it can also go through, albeit not break, obsidian or bedrock, meaning an impenetrable obsidian wall 64 blocks from any structures would be needed to avoid grief, this is unlikely to be practical.

Hypothetically, one could use mass-fabricators as an intermediate-level bomb, in practice, however, they are far too expensive, as is the HV transformer used to generate the 2048-EU packet. Mass-fabs destroy an area similar to Nova cataclysms. be warned that any EU-packet bigger than 512 EU WILL destroy a mass-fab, regardless of how few packets are actually sent per tick.

There is a force-field upgrade for tube or area fields that destroys liquids inside it, meaning it is possible to cheaply get rid of large sections of ocean terrain all at once, up to an area of 64x64 square. there is also one to destroy the blocks the field intersects, meaning mass areas can be mined somewhat quickly, albeit with a high energy cost.

build craft quarries slowly mine a quarry out, so it is possible for one to destroy a large area, albeit over the course of many real-life hours and at a high energy cost.

mining turtles can do the same, again, they break a block at a time, so they aren't fast. but they run for free, and cost little more than a diamond pick, some iron, and some lines of LUA code.

Dynamite is like throwable TNT, and there are 3 different kinds from two different mods.

Nuclear reactors can meltdown, then potentially explode afterwards, they make an explosion that can reach a size larger than a nuke's. If badly designed, nuclear reactors can easily meltdown in less than an hour, if designed as a bomb, they may meltdown in less than a minute!

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In less than a minute? More like 9 seconds. :D

Also, you need about ten nukes to make an explosion comparable to the one from a 6-chamber reactor filled with uranium cells, so EMC-wise, it's far cheaper to go with the nuke route.

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In less than a minute? More like 9 seconds. :D

Also, you need about ten nukes to make an explosion comparable to the one from a 6-chamber reactor filled with uranium cells, so EMC-wise, it's far cheaper to go with the nuke route.

Did you have to quote the entire post for that?

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