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Have a try.

See if it runs.


(You could also read the "Latest Updates" and see what's what.)



there was ONLY one place i could find Anything about the update http://www.technicpack.net/status/6483


but it was very lack of information as in it has no mention of the modpack 1.0.13D even being that update 


it only says "We've applied LexManos's Legacy Java Fixer to Attack of the B-Team, so now users with java 1.8 can play"


again NO Mention of that Even being 1.0.13D or even 1.0.12B 


the fix could be in all the versions, Whos knows :S



My guess is, that this build only includes the Java 1.8 Fix. There is a new 1.0.12b as well which only includes as well.


thanks for diging that up for me

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